Dr. Don Arthur Remembers Nelson Mandela


Madiba the spiritual walker, an iconic figure of Africa and the world , a year ago . passed on .

Soon after his release from prison , the leader of South African freedom fighters came to Ghana . He was here to do what men of true conscience, valour and appreciation do normally.

He was here in Accra , exactly , to say ‘A BIG THANK YOU ‘ to the people of Ghana for the total support he , the freedom fighters and the entire people of South Africa received during the liberation struggle , anti apartheid and free Mandela campaign . A world wide campaign initiated by Osagyefo Dr Nkrumah together with some of the progressive leaders of Africa for total emancipation of the continent from colonial domination and against racial discrimination and apartheid

It was during this historic visit that the author personally for the first time met with Mandela and walked him through Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park to posthumously thank and pay his respect and homage to his mentor Kwame Nkrumah .

The warmth that his very nature exuded , his infectious smile and humility , humbleness and sincerity experienced during this encounter with Mandela left a strong impression and an indelible imprint on my memory that man was not born for himself alone but for people and for his country .

This man , Nelson Mandela Madiba now belongs to the ages . He spoke about freedom and fought for it in his lifetime and he won freedom for his people and for the world. The world came to a stand still at the intelligence of his exit from our world. He has ascended to his maker.

The UN Security Council upon receiving the sad news of his demise at its section in New York , froze instantly , stood up to observe minutes of silence for his memory .
Nations flew their flags at half mast.
Looking at the life of Mandela one can say that Mandela was reconciliatory at all times .

His lack of bitterness made him an extraordinary man .
Nelson Mandela was more than a politician . He bore no one a grudge just as Atta Mills did by nature.
He embraced , loved and worked trustfully with his known adversaries and all those who persecuted him for a change of mind anda heart. And he thus prevailed over them .

The whites of apartheid of South Africa , he knew , did not know how to surrender .
Mandela , ” the Madiba ” helped them to understand , through his project of reconciliation , to reassure them to agree to come together with the blacks of South Africa working and walking hand in hand , to wipe out the fear of insecurity to live together in harmony .

Around the world his enemies became his friends. United States of America and Western European countries , the civilized world.

And with the power of forgiveness he worked together with them to make our world a better place..
With all these noble attributes in him , he was able to easily turn adversities into a triumph.

He learnt the language and appreciated the culture of his enemies so well that he could understand the thinking process , the psychology , the perception and the fixed mind set of his oppressors . He was able to imagine the next plans and moves of his adversaries. Because he did so , he was able to successfully negotiate for the abolition of the obnoxious racist system of apartheid . He was able negotiate for reconciliation of all the people of South Africa. Mandela thereby strove for forgiveness to open the doors of opportunity which were closed to all South Africans particularly the blacks

The humanness in him which he exuded always made people who encountered him physically or through the media felt very comfortable and great. His smile was infectious.

His funeral was considered one of the greatest event in the twenty first century. All the heads of states , many artists , sportsmen , celebrities including simple and ordinary people of the world were there to pay glowing tribute to the memory of a great giant MANDELA as a great human being who raised the dignity of humanity in South Africa

He always broke protocol and treated all the same. I had this experience when he visited Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum , in Accra Ghana .
He was not materialistic neither was he complex nor sophisticated . He was just simple

He was a sportsman and therefore knew that Sports has the power to change the world . He used sports to unite his country when he had the opportunity to do so.

He was a boxer and an athlete . When the author met him together with the WBC ,boxing fraternity , in South Africa, he , as usual , was so powerful with love. He was so great with humility , kindness and civility.
Madiba Nelson Mandela brought us the understanding that change does not occur instantly or within a twinkle of an eye, but that , it takes time for a change to occur .

Mandela inspired the world to stand and fight for freedom justices and equality. We all as leaders in our various communities, work places , in the parliament, in the assemblies , have now his bequeathed legacy to guide us to bring about the change that would unite us and transform our African World for the better.

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