Dr. Bawumia’s 20 Man UNCTAD Squad; Protecting The National Purse Indeed

The people in government, have a mischievous way of being rude to those they govern, the condescension cuts across the political spectrum.

Their agents, who feed off the little that is left after the spoils are shared  and have turned themselves into social media and mainstream media warriors, inflict insults on anyone, who dares to question their bosses, without any qualm of conscience or compunction.

The ruling elite class on the hand, will justify anything and everything, as in the case of the Vice-president’s twenty man crew to the UNCTAD meeting last year..

Ghana is very rich, as claimed by the vice-president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, otherwise the wastage in the country, would have been enough to render it bankrupt.

Since the coming into office of the Nana Addo’s administration, the extent of exposition of corrupt and wastage by government and their collaborators is mind-bugling.

An episode that is playing out in the country, suggest our politicians, have not learnt to cut our coat, according to our cloth.

The Vice-President, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, in 2017, attended the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) meeting as the only one in his capacity invited by UNCTAD as the guest of honour.

The Veep, since he was coming from a rich country, decided to show the world that, we know how to spend money and so he took with him twenty man squad.

According to the UNCTAD website, 20 people accompanied the vice-president, when other developed and rich countries, were represented by just one person.

The government, has tried to justify the number, but the question we will like to ask is, what benefit, did the country derive from the conference.

We have joined so many organizations and every year, we send delegation to take part in conferences, if conferences, can develop a nation, this county, would have been the best in the world.

It is high time our leaders consider the merits and demerits of these conferences. They have become a waste of our scarce resource.



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