Dr Baumia Is A Desperately Desperate Liar


Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice-Presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), has no regard for Ghanaians and therefore doesn’t believe it is wrong to look us in the eye and lie to us.

At every given opportunity, Dr. Bawumia, has been embarrassing the country and Ghanaians, all in his desperation to help his boss Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo and the NPP to win power in 2016 by all means possible.

We have been forced, on countless occasions to listen to his fables in the past years, after he was announced to partner Nana Addo in 2008.

His announcement in 2008, was greeted with many expectations, because people begun to see politics differently, it was no longer a dirty game because technocrat and
other people, who hitherto will sit on the sidelines are getting involved, that was a good sign for this country.

But you see, anybody who ever associates himself with Nana Addo, turns to lose himself. He becomes an irritant, a liar, a war monger, a desperate fellow and all the ills that accompany it.

After the 2008 elections, when Dr. Bawumia was announced again to partner him, many observers came to the conclusion that he has matured in the game, he has learnt the ropes and can stand shoulder to shoulder to any consummate politician in this country. What they all lost sight of, is the fact that he has only matured into a desperate liars, he will use every opportunity and platform to perpetuate falsehood and untruth just to epitomize Nana Addo.

Dr. Bawumia has upped the ante of embarrassment by lying against the President, John Dramani and his government and by extension Ghanaians through many of his
lectures that are supposed to intellectually engaging but ends up being nothing but politics.

He had the occasion to speak at the Central University College’s (CUC) The Distinguished Lecture Series, since last year and why that platform is only reserved for him is something that amazes me. These are students, who are supposed to know better and understand the issues, yet Dr. Bawumia always stand before them and spew all manner of lies and throw out economic figures that do not reflect the true picture of events.

It will be a herculean task to attempt to list all the desperate moves Dr. Bawumia has made and is making in order to for them to win the 2016 presidential election by crook – he doesn’t care about the ‘hook’. But let us attempt to itemise them, anyway.

King of demonstrations, Dr. Bawumia, has not only being a good student, but he is certainly proving himself better than the master. Without doubt, Nana Addo made his name through demonstrations and that being passed onto Dr. Bawumia, who is living up to that expectation.

From Accra to Kumasi to the Upper East, he has left no stone unturned to display his desperation in so many useless demonstrations that are no longer necessary. The
NPP, has embarked upon so many demonstrations that it has lost it effect and Ghanaians, although must have genuine concerns about the way things are being run, they are no longer interested in joining the march. Dr. Bawumia has lost focus and his infected with the unbridled ambition of his boss, Nana Addo, who must become a
President at all cost, so he (Bawumia) can also become the Vice-President. If this is not desperation, what is?

Aliu Mahama Memorial Lecture

Even though while alive the party did not honor him by electing him to lead the party in the 2008 presidential election, after he himself has said that he was a good apprentice, the party decided to honor him in death. Better let than never, some of us said after all who does not change his mind.
His younger brother, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, was chosen to deliver the first lecture, instead of eulogizing and chronicling what the man did while alive, he instead spent all the time given him to run down the government.

Juxtapose that to the first and second memorial lectures of the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, the first one which was addressed by Prof. Kwamina Ahwoi, gave a version of the man that we did not know, his encounter with him at the University of Ghana (UG), when he Prof. Ahwoi was a student. This was followed a year later by that of Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas, who spoke about his political life and the interactions he had with him in the heat of the 2008 elections.
As things stand now with the behavior of Dr. Bawumia, we don’t know anything about Alhaji Aliu Mahama, apart from the fact that he was a former Vice-President.

If this is not desperation, what it is?

Economic Lectures
Many will wish for an opportunity to speak to their kinsmen, but few have had it, Dr. Bawumia is among the few who have stood up and are counted. But the man has not been fair to Ghanaians as every time he gets the opportunity to address them, he always lies. What shall it profit a man to own the whole world and lose his soul, is a quote that Dr. Bawumia must ponder on.

I have not lost hope in him, I still believe he is one of the finest economists we have in this country, he is lost and we must all help him to refocus.

You don’t paint the government black just so your party can be voted for. Ghana and Ghanaians are the losers, his behavior should guide his utterances and analysis. His does not mean well for this country, all his lectures only predict doom for the country.

What Bawumia is doing is scaring away investors, nobody points to his hometown with his left hand, no matter how bad it is, you don’t sell the country cheap, because of desperation for power.

If all these things are not desperations, then I don’t know what is?

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