Dorcas Waja And The Dead Deserve Our Sympathy

Social media space has been assailed for some time now with pictures and videos of the dead and how they died.

Towards the end of last week, the decomposing body of a 31-year old pregnant midwife, who works at the Atebubu government hospital, Dorcas Waja, and was found dead in her room after four days, became the topic for discussion on social media.

Our insensitivity, and warped behavior, has no boundaries, as anything and anybody in whatever circumstance and without recourse to the plight of their families, always makes it way on social media.

When Major Maxwell Mahama, was gruesomely murdered, a lot of well-meaning Ghanaians, decried the sharing of his lifeless body and video on social media. Typical of us, we spoke about it, condemned it and yet we did not learn anything from it.

That was not the first of such abuses of the right of the dead. We do it with glee, forgetting that, we do not know how or where we are going to die.

The armed robbery incident at Lapaz that led to the dead of a police officer, should remind us of our responsibility to each other. Instead of going to the rescue of the officers, people were busy taking pictures and videos to be shared on social media, allowing the armed robbers to get away.

Mobile Phone and internet, have produced many citizen journalists, but instead of using technology to advance the course of our people, we are using it for negative and ineffectual ventures.

We waste airtime to download and circulate the pictures and videos of bodies of the dead, as though it is a profit making venture.

Issues like the aforementioned story of Dorcas Waja are rampant. We hear about them everyday; read about them on social media and yet nothing is done about it.

Religious leaders, political leaders and the civil society organizations, should step in to educate and appeal to the people to stop this practice. It is hurting families and the nation.

May the soul of Dorcas Waja and the souls of the dearly departed, rest in perfect peace.


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