Don’t Time The Release Of Your Songs For Awards – George Quaye


Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, organisers of the annual Ghana Music Awards, George Quaye has indicated that he does not subscribe to suggestions that musicians should release songs close to the end of the year for awards sake.

Eight months into the year and music lovers cannot pinpoint a prominent hit song leaving people with different assumptions including the intention of musicians to earn nominations and subsequently win awards with their late releases.

But George Quaye speaking on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz, Thursday advised musicians not to do songs with the primary aim of winning awards.

According to him, awards are just to compliment one’s efforts.

“I will urge musicians not to do songs because they want to be awarded. If any award scheme recognizes you, it’s a feather in your cap. It’s an extra impetuous that’s going to urge you to do better in your career. I really don’t think musicians should time their release time because they want to be considered for an award,” he told host, Sammy Flex.

George Quaye further remarked that the notion that releasing a song close to the end of the year will win one award is not entirely true. To him, ones a song becomes a hit, it stands the chance of winning award(s).

“If you’re going back, looking at some of the artistes that have won even the Most Popular Song of the Year, look at the time Kwaku Gyasi released ‘Nyame Aseda’. It was not even close to the awards. Ayisoba released ‘I Want To See You My Father’ in February…” he said.

George, however, did not shoot down the possibility of a song winning award(s) due to the time it was released.

“But then again, sometimes, if you release it around that time and the song picks up… ‘Tonga’ was released in October and it won. Maybe people want to release in December because it is a Christmas period and there will be a lot of activities in town,” he noted.

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