Don’t Engage In Violence -Ashaiman Youth Admonished


By; Maxwell Ofori

Mr. Emmanuel Max-Voy, a member of the National Democratic Congress in the Ashaiman Constituency has charged the youth in his constituency who are of the voting age to go out in the numbers to register and vote come November general elections.

Mr. Max-Voy who contested in the constituency primaries but lose his bid to lead the people of the area also advised the youth in the country especially in Ashaiman not to allow themselves to be used by war-mongering politicians to engage in needless violence before, during and after the elections.

Speaking to this paper, he bemoaned the spate at which the youth usually become victims of unscrupulous politicians who only use them to incite violence in the country during election seasons and dumped them to their fate after they achieved their aims.

He condemned the New Patriotic Party for using some alleged macho men mainly made of innocent youth to disrupt the limited voter registration being carried out by the Electoral Commission throughout the country.

He said practice being adopted by the NPP is uncalled for and asked the police as well as other security agencies to ruthlessly deal with such miscreants to ensure a peaceful environment for Ghanaians to do their business freely without fear.

“To you young men and women, it is only in election time that politicians discover you exist, so when they need some people to go and sing and dance they call you, sometimes too when they need some people to go and insult others they call you, you must resist the temptation of being their entertainers, you must resist the temptations to be used for something negative”.

Mr Max-Voy also bemoaned the act of preaching ‘Peace’ messages over the country only during election periods but added that ‘peace’ must be a part of our daily lives and challenged political leaders to always preach the essence of peace to their followers not only on elections periods.

“There is going to be an election in November 7, but what makes me unhappy is that we always wait until the year of election and we start talking about Peace, we start telling people about their responsibilities making all kinds of promises as if it is only in election year that we must live according to the truth, according to the wishes of the people, it is almost as if it is election year that politicians remember that there are people in this country with needs”.

He further urged the youth to make the right choice as the elections draw near, by voting massively for President John Mahama and the NDC because the NPP and its leader, Nana Akufo Addo only represent violence.

“I want the youth of this country to remember that the choices that we make in an election year is not just for one year, and is not just for two days, it is a choice that we make for four years, so we make those choices and we must be careful to choose good leaders who would take care of us every day, every week, every month until the time for election is due, not people who will wait till election year” he noted

He furthered charged all electorates to give President Mahama a second chance has described the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a collapsed and self-destroyed party that cannot lead Ghana.

“The party that has destroyed itself can never rule Ghana. Its has nothing but a collapsed dysfunctional leadership, the NDC is the only party available and we confident that we are going to win the elections one-touch”, he said

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