‘Don’t Associate Muslim Youth With Violence’


– ‘Hajia Hawa’ Oboubia Darko Pleads

By Alfred Dogbey

The Executive Director of Obuobia Foundation and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2012 parliamentary candidate for Weija/Gbawe, is calling on the public to desist from tagging Muslim youth as very aggressive and using them for violence.

Madam Oboubia Darko-Opoku, would rather want to see people getting closer to Muslim youth, explore their talents and support them in any small way they can for them to achieve their dreams and aspirations, and become worthy citizens just like everybody.

According to Madam Oboubia, “people think when somebody is a Muslim, then you are a violent person, and for that matter people would want to use you to cause trouble; which should not be the case”. …but what must be done is “to recognize their efforts, potentials and plan on how to assist these brilliant individuals with
multiple talents to succeed”.

Madam Oboubia Darko-Opoku, nicknamed in the Muslim communities as “Hajia Hawa” warned “don’t use Muslim youth for trouble”.

She made the remarks, when made she inspected progress of work on a youth mosque the Obuobia Foundation is building at the Mallam Zongo community which is in the
final stages of completion, after which she also donations to the various Central Mosques in Muslim communities under Weija/Gbawe Constituency towards the celebration of Ramadan.

The donations, which were made at the various mosques in the municipality, started from the Mallam Central Mosque, Gbawe Palace Mosque, Weija/Oblogo Mosque, Tetegu Central Mosque, and New Gbawe Arabic Islamic School Mosque, New-Weija SCC Central Mosque among others.

The items worth over Gh¢20,000 include; 100 bags of rice, 450 pieces of buta, 450 dozens of mat, 50 gallons of cooking oil, and 1000 cartons of soft drinks and others items.

OB, as she is affectionately known, told The Herald after the donation that, she would not wait to become MP, before serving the people.
She noted that, it is important for us as Ghanaians to partner and share the blessing with the Muslims, who have been on a one-month fasting and is about ending it successfully.

“We need to be part of them and celebrate together with our Muslim friends” adding “I’m always part of them anytime and any day”.

Madam Oboubia indicated that, as a politician, she was interested in doing “anything that will motivate the youth and I’m happy to support them no matter what their difficulties are as citizens”.

Madam Oboubia, tasked the Muslim leaders to counsel the youth not to allow themselves to be used by worthy people for violent purposes and undesirable activities that would destabilize the peace of the country, and directed that, the youth be organized into identifiable groups, for whatever support available to be given to them by her foundation.

At the Weija Zongo Central Mosque, Alhaji Habib Kofi Baakoh, who received the donation on behalf of the mosque, applauded OB for the gesture and asked her to continue doing the good work for the vulnerable.

Mr. Elias Halid, who is the spokesperson for the Muslim community, disclosed that, the overwhelming supports received by the Mallam Mosque from OB, sets her apart as a good and determined leader.

He said, the numerous contributions being made by Ms. Oboubia to the Constituency, since the time she came to the area cannot be compared to other politicians, who have represented them in all leadership positions.

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