Does The NDC Have A Vibrant Research Department?


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has released a proposed timetable for the Biometric registration, opening of nomination forms, closing of nominations, constituency vetting, national vetting, as well as elections of presidential and parliamentary candidates in all the 275 Constituencies across the country.

The timetable has set the ball rolling for the party’s preparation for election 2016. It is no secret the acrimony that greeted the election of party officers, at various levels to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years.

From the ward, branch, Constituency, regional and the climax the national election, saw an acrimonious election, but cool heads prevailed and of course, the advantage of power was enough for sleeping dogs to lie.

In 2012, after the death of President, John Evans Atta Mills, the party relied heavily on the charisma and the capacity of the President, John Dramani Mahama, to win that election.

It is no secret that, most Members of Parliament (MP), won their Seats because, the love the electorate had for the President, and this was transferred to them.
This situation is not to be expected in 2016, as after four years of the President’s tenure, he also has a different cross to carry.

A lot of people are disillusioned, they are angry with politicians, who have taken them for a ride since 1992. Electorate are becoming wide awake and are now able to read in-between the lines and can tell when a politician is lying.

The NDC, if care is not taken, will lose some Seats, and for the first time, we might have a President, with a minority in Parliament.

This can be prevented, if the party invigorates its research department and go on the ground in all the 275 Constituencies, especially Constituencies, where they presently occupy the Seats.

Accra is looking to be one interesting regions to watch, the NDC risked losing some Seats, if some current sitting MPs are allowed to go.

We live with them in the various communities, we know what they have done and have failed to do, we know those who have overstayed their welcome, and must give way to new people, with fresh ideas and the energy to drive development.

I have had cause to highlight some Constituencies and have admonished some of them to sit up, I was rather threatened with a law suit, I don’t intend to keep quiet because, a loss will affect me also.

The NPP primaries was a curtain raiser, it was a glimpse of what is to happen in the NDC, as the party prepares for its primaries.

The infighting, confusion, acrimony, allegations and counter-allegations that characterized the NPP primaries can be prevented, if the research outfit of the NDC, do their work well and advice the party appropriately.

In the life of every democratic organization, there comes a time when a little bit of autocracy is necessary to keep harmony and keep people in line.

Winning is always important in every competition, we all love to win and in order to do that, it is important to adopt, elimination by rough tactics.
The party should have the courage of conviction based on the outcome of the research department, to tell some people not to contest.

The party risk losing so many Seats, if it sits aloof, and allow some sitting MPs to still want to hold onto the Seat.

The ground is not good for a good many of them, the NPP, has started what is to be completed by the NDC, but in order to present a united front in 2016, the party should be bold enough to tell some people that, you have been in Parliament for the last twelve or more years, kindly step aside and allow others to also go, after all the opportunity exist for all.

Someone might argue, where is the spirit of competition in my proposal? but sometimes, we don’t do what is ideal, we do what is necessary for the greater good.
History, always repeat itself, that is why it exist to guide us, 2000 election must guide the NDC as it prepares for its primaries. The party lost a lot of Seats, because Legislators, who have fallen out of favour with the Constituents, bullied their way through, with their influence and money. We saw what happened, the NPP claimed the Majority in the House.

The NPP also suffered a similar fate, when in 2008, the party, also failed to listen to the voice of the people. Should the NDC, go down that path again, who will be the wiser among the two parties.

Sometimes, I sit and wonder the decisions the party takes regarding certain appointments; it is disheartening if one realizes that, the party has a research outfit that is supposed to inform it to take appropriate decisions.

Will the NDC take advantage of the happenings in the NPP? The answer lies in the choices the party will make, regarding it parliamentary candidates.
The ground is good for a takeoff, the party is lucky the NPP, was the first to organize its primaries, they can learn from their mistakes and put up candidates, who
are loved by their Constituents, not those whose days, the people are counting.

There are so many Constituencies across the country, where the people are sick and tired of their MPs, the party only needs to deploy its research team on the ground, very interesting revelations would be made and the party can decide going forward.

Compromise is the life blood of politics, the party should be able to come to agreement with some of them, to back down, their continuous stay, will hurt the chances of the party.

The anger people have for them, could be transferred to the President, who is innocent of their incompetence and lackluster performance.

We the people live with them in the constituencies, we know they have failed us and do not deserve to go again.

I am sure, a lot of Constituencies, will come to mind when one sits to contemplate which ones am talking about.

I do not want to be sued, but my Member of Parliament in Madina, is one of such MPs in Accra. He has left so many angry people behind him, his performance has not impressed many of the constituents, they are complaining, crumbling, I will want to appeal to him, to put his ears on the ground, he will come to agree with me that, he needs to change his ways.

We voted for him, because we love him, we want him as our MP, we do not want to lose him without putting up a fight, as things stand now, his popularity in the Constituency is waning, and I do not want the party to lose that Seat.

A word to the wise is enough.

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