Does Ade-Coker Deserve A Second Term?


This question will best be answered by the Greater Accra Region delegates who will be voting in a yet to be announced date to elect the Regional Chairman for the next four years.

I am an interested by-stander, who has observed both closely and from afar the performance of the incumbent Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ade Coker.

Since 1992, when we ushered in the democratic dispensation, the Greater Accra Region, in all the six elections that we have had, the Region has always decided who the President of the country becomes.

It has become a litmus test for determining who and which party will eventually win the election, lose Greater Accra and you will lose the national election.

It is, therefore imperative that anybody who is elected as the Chairman of the Region works very hard to consolidate the gains of his party.

In the 2012 Parliamentary Elections, the NDC which had 24 Seats lost the four seats to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), so it was safe to conclude that marginally the NPP increased its votes.

Although, the electrifying and the magnetic persona of the his Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, ensured that a lot of voters voted skirt and blouse, to the chagrin of the NPP, who still think Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was robbed of the 2012 Presidential election, because the number of votes Members of Parliament (MPs) of the NPP had was more than that of the NDC.

That argument was floored, because any objective minded person, who observed the 2012 election, could tell you that there was a lot of skirt and blouse voting.

The problems in the Greater Accra Region have gone from hot to boiling, not that the Chairman can be entirely blamed on what is happening in his region, but as they say uneasy is the head that carries the crown. The 2016 election was not going to be as easy as the 2012 was for so many reasons, among the reasons being that there is growing anger against most sitting MPs, who have either outlived their usefulness or have failed to make any first time impression.

The economy is going to be another reason; except the President and his bail out men who are trying their possible best to get it back on a sound footing.

Most members of the party have lost fate in the ability and capacity of Ade Coker to lead the NDC into election 2016, because of his actions both covert and overt in some of the Constituency elections, while others are still in limbo.

Almost all the nine regions have held their Constituency elections, with the exception of the Greater Accra. The national Executive Committee (NEC) of the party came out with a time-table for the elections from the Constituency, Regional and the National, but as things stand now, that time-table, has to be thrown out of the window, simple because some people want their favorites to win, in order for them to gain unfair advantage against their opponents.

Unfortunately for those people this is not 1992, we are in 2014, in case they have forgotten, Ghanaians are now politically awake and are able to read in between the lines, as far as the actions of politicians are concern.

The suspicions among the rank and file of the party are not the best at this time, considering as I mentioned earlier the dynamics for the 2016 election.
Any leader, who succeeds a united house, but seeks to exit it divided or lead it divided, does not deserve to continue to lead it and that is my beef with Chairman Ade Coker.

Nobody can seek to suggest that there were no problems, but the level it has reached now, is beyond comprehension. I believe that if a leader, discharges his or her duties with distinction to the admiration of all, that leader is not afraid of elections.

Today, we are yet to hear anybody declaring to contest the position of General Secretary of the NDC, it will be foolhardy for any person to try such a suicide mission of unseating Johnson Asiedu Nketia, alias General Mosquito. His position is a no-go-area, because he has discharged himself very well.

Ade Coker should not be afraid of election, his records will speak for him and ultimately it will be left to the delegates of the Greater Accra NDC, to decided whether he is worthy of continuation.

Chairman Ade should ask himself why there are a lot of people contesting to unseat him, it is because they feel, he has failed to live up to expectation.

His clueless attempt to disqualify some aspirants in the Constituency election, is what has delayed the otherwise smooth election, observed over the years. His one dose-fit-for- all ailments, demonstrated in his letter to disqualified candidates, does not only smack of incompetence, but lack of foresight. How can you
disqualify a lot of candidates in various Constituencies, with the same letter as if to suggest the offences for disqualification, were the same.

The NDC party, is bigger than one individual, Chairman Ade Coker, cannot continue to hold the party to ransom, his days are certainly numbered, regarding how he is managing the affairs of the party in the Region.

The Region cannot lead the party into the 2016 elections divided. Suspicions breeds mistrust, which will eventually create apathy and leave many people sitting on the fence, not wanting to contribute to the success of the party.

I wish Chairman Ade Coker well, but should he emerge as the winner, when the ballot is cast and counted, is he sure that other contestants, will accept the result as a true reflection of the wishes of the delegates, I doubt, after all the machinations and underhand maneuvers he been accused of.

He has a lot to do to exonerate himself from all the baptism of fire that is threatening to not only consume him, but the party. I would have imagined that by now,
the party might have been rounding up its internal elections and start to focus on the bigger picture ahead of them.

Ade Coker, must get his acts together, and settle down to work to ensure that 2016 elections will see the NDC winning back all the seats it lost in 2012 and retain the ones they currently have.

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