Doctor on a mission: Alternative Medicine Advocate & Brand Ambassador Extraordinaire

By Dennis Klintings


Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu-Brilliant Holistic Medical Practitioner

ALTERNATIVE and allopathic medicines are the two main broad divisions in medicine and medical care the world over.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), over eighty percent (80%) of the world population, especially in the Developing World and underserved areas resort to Alternative Medicine (AM) to address their health needs.

WHO additionally attributes the longer life expectancy rates among Continental Asian Countries, to the development, promotion and patronage of alternative medicine.

The above statistics and great attributes of AM informed WHO’s decision, to institute August 31st as African Traditional Medicine Day, to celebrate the importance and the strategic role of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TAM), in healthcare delivery and promotion.

Alternative and allopathic medicine complements each other in evolving a strong and holistic healthcare delivery system globally.


However, much emphasis is placed on allopathic medicine, whilst Alternative Medicine is confined to the backburner, especially in Africa.

Alternative Medicine’s fate is worse off in the Ghanaian perspective as Alternative Medicine (AM) is lumped together with Traditional Medicine and confined to the Ministry of Health (MoH) via the Alternative Medicine Directorate and the Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC) respectively.

Enters a lone Advocate and Ambassador

PC 9

Participants in the public lecture on alternative medicine

A lonely voice has emerged as an Alternative Medicine’s strongest lonely voice and an Ambassador Extraordinaire Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu.

He went a step further recently to float and established the Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, in collaboration with the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus, one of Europe’s prominent Alternative Medicine Universities. It has been highly rated in 2012, by Shannor Walker inforbarrel reports amongst the top five holistic medicine universities in the US though the school is based in Cyprus.

Da Vinci is also accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and Affiliation of Ethical and Professional Therapists (AEPT), UK.

Dr. Nyarkotey Obu also recently organized the first ever Nation Public Lecture on Alternative Medicine, to advance furthers the cause of Alternative Medicine in the country and beyond.

The Alternative Public Lecture was oversubscribed and a sold-out event.

Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine is the first ever  Africa’s Alternative Medicine University, that seek to train and produce Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Expertise human resource needs in Alternative Medicine in Ghana and beyond.

Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine


Ashaiman campus of Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, behind ASHMA

The College is an alternative University College, affiliated to the Da Vici College of Holistic Medicine ,Larnaca City, which would train practitioners and experts in undergraduate and graduate competencies in Alternative Medicine.  Da vinci College offers program in Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine, Masters and Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine. Other programs such as Diploma and Certificate in Homeopathy Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and among others. The college’s program have been reviewed and accepted by the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of the Ministry of health and prospective students are to write the professional qualifying examination conducted by the council.


Legality of Alternative Medicine in Ghana.


Dr. Nyarkotey Obu in red tie with Team from the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of the Ministry of Health at the Tema community 7, post office campus for accreditation inspection.

Currently in Ghana, alternative medicine is not regulated but Traditional Medicine is regulated by the Traditional Medicine Practice Act 575.  Traditional Medicine is different from alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is linked to other country’s traditional medicines which have been imported into this country. There is currently a new bill entitled Traditional and Alternative Medicine Practice Bill 2014 which if promulgated would officially recognized alternative medicine in Ghana. Dr. Nyarkotey is further calling on stakeholders to speed up the passage of the bill. According to Dr. Nyarkotey with regards to alternative medicine there is no such thing as international recognition as each country or jurisdiction has its own legislation. Also there is no such thing as ‘international accredited for colleges in alternative medicine ’.

Each country has its own accreditation, especially in the field of Natural Therapies, also regulations change from time to time.

In Germany for instance, anyone who wants to practice Natural Therapies in Germany must take an exam set by a Government body.

Once you have passed this exam, you are allowed to call yourself a “Heilpraktiker” (Natural Health Practitioner).

Governing Council

The College’s Governing Council is Chaired by Oklepeme Nuer Anobaah Sasraku 11,the Konor of Yilo Klo State.

Members include Dr. Akonotey Ahulu, Dr. Raphel Nyarkotey, Mr. Tetteh Ademan,Nana Koryo Piyogu Aplam 11, Paramount Queen mother of Manya Krobo State,Mr.Daniel Tetteh Boafo , Nana Okogyeduom Barimah Ntim Barimah among other prominent people sit on the Council.

College Philosophy


Tema campus of the college

Dr. Nyarkotey Obu said the College would collaborate effectively with all stakeholders to create and shape the training of Alternative Medicine Experts and its practice as well shape the narratives in the National Healthcare Delivery System in the Country.


The College is located in Tema Community Seven (Com.7), Post Office. It has a campus in Ashaiman behind the Ashaiman Municipality in –Plaza.


Meet Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu


Dr. Nyarkotey on Joy FM discussing Prostate cancer



Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu has become synonymous with Holistic/Alternative and prostate cancer in the country.

He is a leading voice in public education and awareness on the effects of prostate cancer and a strong advocate for Father’s Day to re-designated and declared National Prostate Cancer Day.

He is a research Professor of Prostate Cancer and Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus.

He is the National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana, (AMAG) and doubled as the Vice Chancellor of Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Ghana, affiliated to Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine in Cyprus.

Cure for Prostate Cancer


Dr. Nyarkotey 4th from right at the Sheffield Hallam University UK alumni meeting


Dr. Nyarkotey is determined and aims to find a cure and preventive medicine for prostate cancer using evidence based alternative medicine which he coined the new medical term “Allopathic Alternative Medicine”. In achieving his mission, the research Professor of prostate cancer and alternative medicine has also established the first Africa Prostate cancer Research Centre at Tema Community 17 to research into evidence based natural medicine. He is also a member of the Prostate cancer transatlantic Consortium (CapTC), a firm researching into prostate cancer in black men under University of Florida, USA, led by Professor Odedina and also a member of the Society of Cancer epigenetic, Austria.


Dr. Nyarkotey and team with first Lady to discussed the cancer situation



Ashaiman campus lecture Hall of Nyarkotey college


Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu graduated with Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine with research interest in prostate cancer from the IBAM Academy in Kolkata, India. He started his medical pathway as a Medical Sonography graduate from the Radford University College, Ghana and also trained as Science Laboratory Scientist from the Trans Africa University College. Dr. Nyarkotey has worked in several Hospitals specializing in prostate or urological ultrasound and one of the finest Medical Sonographer’s who aim to use Doppler ultrasound for prostate cancer diagnosis.

His love for men’s health further engineered him to studied the first ever master’s program in prostate cancer  at Sheffield Hallam University, UK,  postdoctoral training in prostate cancer and holistic medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine under Dr. George Georgiou, Larnaca City, Cyprus.  He has authored hundreds of scientific articles in leading National Dailies and journals and frequently mentioned by Oheneba Ntim Barimah as one of the country’s expert in alternative medicine and prostate cancer.

His Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Medicine research interest was in Prostate Cancer and emphasis topic: The Impact of Alternative Medicines in Ghanaian men of African descent diagnosed with prostate cancer and the use of the local plant-Croton membranaceus-An observational study”.



Administrative staff at Nyarkotey College in a crunch meeting discussing alternative medicine


Answering the question on quackery, the renowned science writer cited a case by the Supreme Court of India, in the matter titled as “Poonam Verma versus Ashwin Patel, CA No. 8856/1994 dated 10.05.1996 has held that:

“A person who does not have knowledge of a particular system of medicine but practices in that system is a quack and a mere pretender to medical knowledge or skill, or to put it differently, a charlatan.”

In view of the above landmark judgment, it is stated that the person who possesses recognized qualification / knowledge of a particular system of medicine is only authorized to practice in that particular system of medicine.

If a person practices in any other system of medicine of which he does not possesses recognized qualification / knowledge, then that person would be considered as a quack i.e. a mere pretender to medical knowledge or skill, or a charlatan.

 Awards and Articles

Prostate Cancer 1

Dr. Nyarkotey 2nd from left on prostate cancer awareness

He has won several awards in both home and abroad.

He has authored several well researched articles on Alternative Medicine, which are published in several local and international journals and media.

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