Do We Have Counter-Terrorism Desk Officers In Ghana?


Terrorism is no longer an activity limited to any one particular country, terrorism now transcends borders, and we are all at risk wherever we find ourselves.

Countries, have accepted the challenge posed by these misfits and have been putting in place concrete measures to deal with them, by setting offices, with desk officers to map up strategies and study the activities of the terrorists, so that they are not caught off guard.

The United Nations (UN), have established an anti-terrorism committee as part of a branch of UN, with a working definition of what a terrorism is, has the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and African Union (AU), done same?

The House of Commons in the United Kingdom (UK), has also set up an anti-terrorism unit to study and advice the government on what to do as far as terrorism is concern.

In Ghana, we take a lot of things for granted, until it blows on our faces. By now Ghanaians, should know of a unit with a desk officer, where anybody who has any information to share or an advice to give, could walk to.

A properly constituted committee can also be set up, bringing onboard various experts from the security services, like the Ghana Police, the Immigration, The Ghana Armed Forces etc. the committee can also encompass, Members of Parliament (MP), security experts, retired ex-service men, with enormous experience.

Morocco, is boasting of being the best in counter-terrorism, this is a motivation for investors and tourists, who know that, they are safe when they are in Morocco, can the same be said about Ghana?

We are known to be the first in everything;we could at least be the first in sub-Saharan Africa to take the issue of terrorism seriously.

It should be easy to setup a desk at the Ministry of Interior for the purposes of counter-terrorism. Terrorism cannot be defeated by paying lip-service as we have done to many things in this country. The threat to every country is real; we need to act now and fast.

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