District Assembly And Unit Committee Election Advert Is Misleading

Since 1992 when this ongoing democratic experiment commenced, the nation has been caught often in the debate, as to the role of Members of Parliament.

Whiles, some people see them as development agents, the Constitution defined them as law makers.

As a newspaper, we are familiar with what happens in our constituencies between MPs and their constituents. The ugly situation arises because MPs in order to get peoples votes make promises, which include, constructing of roads, drainage etc.

The constituents intend hold their feet to their father, when they get elected.

The December 17, District Assembly and Unit Committee elections, have brought to the fore the age old problem that has drawn us back in our forward much towards deepening our governance process.

Sadly, those sponsoring the advert on radio, are also committing the same mistakes the ordinary Ghanaian, has committed over the years.

In the advert, the electorates are encouraged to come in their numbers to elect candidates, who will bring developments to their electoral areas.

The first question is, how does an Assembly Man or Unit Committee Member, bring development to his or her area?

Secondly, How much is allocated to them either from the Municipal, Metropolitan and District Assembly, as well as from the central government, to enable them undertake any development project?

Thirdly, what kind of development do we expect from Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members, is it the provision of roads, extension of electricity or water, construction of schools etc

In truth, this newspaper will not be bothered,  if the advert was a discussion among ordinary Ghanaians, but not when it is supported among other institutions, such as the National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE).

With all these misconceptions going on, there could be only one loser—the people.

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