We Are Disgusted By Publication –Says Elikem & Girlfriend Pokello


Big Brother lovebirds, Elikem Komordzie and Pokello Nare say they are disgusted by a publication in a Zimbabwean newspaper alleging that the Ghanaian said women from his country are better than Zimbabwean women.

The paper, The Herald, quoted Elikem as saying in an interview that Ghanaian women are better in many ways than their Zimbabwean counterparts.

“Ghanaian women are more beautiful compared to Zimbabwean women because they know how to take good care of themselves fashion wise; they have manners and are well cultured, I can say they are ahead and better off than Zimbo ladies except for my Pokello who has lived up to my billing,” the paper reported Elikem as saying.

That report angered many Zimbabweans precisely because the Ghanaian is currently in a head over heels love relationship with a Zimbabwean, Pokello.

The couple – Elikem and Pokello – have been infuriated by the publication which they have described as malicious and a clear misrepresentation of facts.

The Ghanaian, who is currently in Zimbabwe, took to social networking site, Twitter, to vent his anger at the report: “In the beginning I complained [about] media. And [at] the end. @HeraldZimbabwe is no different. They [came] like they are friends.”

“@HeraldZimbabwe. Y would you quote me wrongly and write what I didnt say. Things u shud hav put. Isn’t it ironic how I complained about the media in the beginning of this news paper. And yet they go on and do yawa. My wife is Zimbo. So nw y wud I?” the Ghanaian designer added.

Elikem’s fiancé jump in support of her man also stating on Twitter that: “Media likes to twist things. The journalist asked Elikem about [Ghanaian] women and he said they were well cultured.”

“Why Herald reporter TafadZwa Zimoyo is now trying to make a simple interview a topic of controversy beats me,” Pokello wondered and quizzed, “Can this journalist please produce the recording of this interview!”

A reaction from the writer of the story, in a form of a text message to Pokello, blamed readers for misconstruing the report.

The text message as posted by Pokello read: “The story is good just that misconception of people hence reaction Bt very sorry…”

Source: myjoyonline.com

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