Discussions With The IMF Is To Deliver: Jobs And Growth With Stability –Veep


By Maxwell OkamafoAsamaniAddo-WA

The Vice-President, KwesiAmissah Arthur, has stated government initial discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is with the objective to deliver: Jobs and growth with stability.

He said many of our citizens have not understood the reasoning behind the decision to seek the technical and financial support of the IMF in achieving Government’s economic objectives.

Whatever our criticism of the IMF, we have to acknowledge that it possesses a global view, analytical capacity and access to other country information we do not possess. Therefore the Fund can make an assessment of the rigour of our policies in the light of what has worked in other countries and what have failed.

The Veep, made the statement at the Third Regional Ministers conference, in WA ,Upper West Region ,Under the Theme “Game Change for the Economy The Role of the Regional Level of Governance”.

He said a Fund programme also assures that we would exercise the kind of economic and financial discipline that as a country we find difficult to exercise on our own. The IMF can provide assurances that we are on the right path in our choices and will point out to us when our implementation is not up to the expected standard.

He cited our experience of the Economic Recovery Programme suggests to us that critical to success is the participation of all our citizens. We need macro-economic stability but that can only be sustained if it is underlined b social stability, the lack of which can be hugely disruptive. The importance of the social dimension of economic adjustment cannot be dismissed, as others have done to their regret.

He said despite the short-term challenges we face, our economic fundamentals remain sound and our mid-term prospects are good, so we have had to take difficult measures to arrest this trend and restore the macro-economy to good health.

And that while these measures have been unpleasant and difficult to take, ultimately they are necessary to create a good economic environment in which business can continue to not merely survive but also grow.

He continued that an appreciation of how we came to have these macro-economic challenges will be useful in understanding how the Government is going about restoring the stability the experts insist required for us to forge ahead.

The Vice President said if all of us as Ghanaians – political parties, organized labour, religious bodies, traditional authorities, academia and all the others who have raised legitimate concerns about the performance of the economy – would agree on the measures to be taken and support the Government in implementing those measures as agreed in Senchi, we would achieve a stable macroeconomic status earner than the three years we have suggest to the IMF.

The chairman for the occasion KuoroRichard BabaniKantonVI ( TumuKoro ) who was the chairman for the occasion thanked the organisers for bringing the conference to the region.

The TumuKoro said he understands what the platform of region ministers entail, in order for them to use it as a platform that creates an opportunity for them to discuss developmental challenges in the various region, and also share lessons experience s with each other’s and diagnose solutions in order to overcome them to propel socio economic growth development.

On his part the of Regional Minister, Alhaji Amin Amadu Sulemani, expressed gratitude to the Regional Coordinating Council and the chiefs and people of the region and to the organisers for selecting the Upper West region for this edition of Regional minister’s conference.

Said the region is made up of three ethnic groups which are Dadabas, Waalas ,and Sissalas, there are few minority such as the Lobis and Chakali, but in spite of these diverse groups the region remains one of the most united ad peaceful in the country which has given it the opportunity to come this far .

Adding that they region is blessed with vast arable lands suitable for cultivation of many crops notable maize, yam millet ,sorghum groundnut ,soya bean and cotton ,but the region unfortunately is unfortunately unable to produce enough food from all the vast land due to the erratic single rainfall pattern for the region to make full use of it vast arable lands, so will need to modernize their agricultural practices to include mechanization and irrigation.

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