Dirty Scam Sighted In 500 Million Dollars ECG Concession


….6000 Workers Face Uncertain Future

The Herald, has uncovered a monumental scam to be perpetuated on unsuspecting Ghanaians through the controversial second Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) in the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Concession, by prominent individuals in society and the political environment.

Some of these individuals are shockingly Members of Parliament (MPs), other government officials and the rest are private businessmen in the country, who are about to toil with the destinies of the over 6, 000 workers of ECG, who by late February next year, will be offloaded to the new company.

Details available to this paper shows the Americans, will be throwing money in the pockets of the aforementioned group of people, under the guise of a contract to manage Ghana’s power company; the ECG, through a Pilipino company Manila Electric Company (Meralco) and Ghanaian companies some with neither financial muscle or technical expertise.

The monumental scam if allowed to sail through, will portray the Americans as being a party to a grand scheme, because they failed to do due diligence on the various companies, therefore aided and abetted a monumental fleece on innocent Ghanaians, including the 6, 000 ECG workers.

Under the agreement, the concessionaire will have the right to operate and expand the power distribution network.

However, The Herald, is reliably informed that moneys were paid to some prominent individuals who took advantage of the deficiencies and the dirty scheme to make money, while others also cut their own chunk of deals to get them free money, as long as the concession will last.

They make their free money anytime electricity tariff is increased, and some of the companies were hurriedly formed to purposely harvest the free monies through the concession arrangement.

They neither have the financial muscle to bring the expected changes and improvement to the power sector for the benefit of Ghanaians and also meet the expectations of the Americans through the MCC; an independent US. Government foreign aid agency, which has tied good governance, transparency and accountability to these aid money.

Ghana’s Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) in April this year, awarded the operation, investment and management of the Electricity Distribution Business of the ECG to the Meralco Consortium.

A visit to the website of the American Embassy in Ghana, reports that “Ghana is to receive the second allocation of Compact funds from the United States of America through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in the amount of $190 million after the Ghanaian government met all the required conditions to access the funds. On September 6, 2018, MCC submitted a letter acknowledging Ghana’s achievement of this milestone to the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. Since the start of the Ghana Power Compact implementation phase, MCC granted access to the first allocation of Compact funds in the amount of $308.2 million. MCC’s investment in the Ghana Power Compact totals $498.2 million”.

it announced “a delegation led by Board Chair of the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) Professor Yaa Ntiamoah- Baidu, and Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Ghana Christopher J. Lamora, presented the Letter to the Vice President H.E. MahamuduBawumia, who received it on behalf of the President. “Today marks a significant milestone in the implementation of the Power Compact Program. With these funds, MiDA together with its implementing entities will be able to carry out the planned investment and reform activities aimed at strengthening our country’s power distribution sector,” remarked the MiDA Board Chair”.

“Meeting this important milestone is a testament to the commitment of the Ghanaian government to reform its power sector in an effort to bring critical services to its people. But much work remains. With only three years remaining in the MCC Ghana Power Compact, we must continue to work together until the concession is complete and the path is paved to inject private-sector investment and expertise to transform the viability of the Ghanaian power sector,” MCC Acting CEO Brock Bierman said.

“Chargé d’Affaires Christopher J. Lamora congratulated the Ghanaian government, stating: “We believe that promising times for Ghana are on the horizon. The United States is proud to be Ghana’s partner in strengthening the foundations for increased operational efficiency, improved financial health, and creating an investment climate with stable power and reliable energy that Ghanaian customers need and deserve.”

H.E Vice President Bawumia acknowledged the notification and thanked the U.S. Government and the MCC for their partnership through the Ghana Power Compact; a manifestation of the strong cooperation that Ghana has with the United States. “Today is a great day and we are entitled to celebrate our achievement,” he said.

“However we have a significant number of project activities to be carried out in order to meet all milestones. I therefore urge all stakeholders to continue to collaborate and maintain the alacrity they have demonstrated so far.” He reiterated Government’s commitment to ensuring that the Compact delivers its goal to reduce poverty through economic growth, by transforming the power distribution sector.

CAPTION : Chargé d’Affaires Christopher J. Lamora presenting the letter of acknowledgment to Vice President H.E. MahamuduBawumia.


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