Dirty ‘Kufuor ‘Buses Hit Accra Metropolis


Metro Mass Transit (MMT), one of the intra-city bus operators in the country, is littering the Central Business Districts (CBDs) of Accra, with unkempt and dirty fleets.

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), as the largest share holder, has been plying various destinations in the city with dirty and unkempt buses over the past months.

Buses of MMT, popularly known as “Kufour Buses”, that was christened after ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor have been spotted in town ,looking like vehicles brought from the villages to ply various destinations like Accra-Madina, Accra-Ashaiman, Accra-Tema, Accra-Amasaman and Accra -Adenta routes in the metropolis.

The Herald’s visit to some of the MMT terminals in Kinbu, near the Ministries area and Kaneshie terminals, can reveal the terminals are littered with dirty buses and are busy serving the general public as if nothing is wrong with the buses.

Some of the buses seen in town and at the terminals, have not been washed for months, even though the city has been experiencing sporadic rain patterns over the past few days.

Some of the vehicles loading passengers and offering service to unsuspecting passengers are so dirty and looking as if it has been driven to the remotest part of the country.

Commuters on the MMT buses, are complaining about the way and manner, they are greeted with filth aboard the buses on daily basis.

The passengers are contending the drivers and conductors, seem indifferent about the current state of the buses they are driving.

The Herald’s scouts also encountered the filth and some funny stench aboard a Metro Mass Transit buses from the Kinbu terminal to the Spanner Junction area on the Accra -Madina road.

The bus had its dashboard so dirty and the wiper was stuck in front of the driver’s windscreen and the interior, and was littered with leftovers of Yoghurt, among others.

According to sources at the Kaneshie head office of MMT, the situation has been so, since the Managing Director of the company, Mr Noble Appiah, was sacked and the Board chaired by Nana Ansah Saraku II, dissolved by the Ministry of Transport.

The situation is having a dire consequence on the revenue generation of the company, as many have refused to patronize the service of the company.

It is, however, not clear whether the current state of the buses plying the city, has caught the attention of the current management of MMT.

There is a festering problem between workers and management, meanwhile, at an emergency joint Divisional Union of both MMT Senior and Junior Staff Union meeting held at the UNICOF Conference room at the Hall of TUC (Ghana) on Friday January Friday 9, 2015, workers after extensive discussions on the recent developments at the company, adopted and passed the following resolution for the attention of the Honorable Minister of Transport.

1. The procurement of spare parts from VDL Holland should be restored to ensure the availability of genuine spare parts.
2. The Divisional Union does not have confidence in the Board Chairman and ask for his removal from office.

This is due to the fact that there is a conflict of interest situation in the company where he doubled up as the Board Chairman and the Chairman of the Entity Tender Committee and had been a supplier to the company.

The workers claim evidence of this can be traced out on records of the company.

3. The Divisional Union can no longer work with the Deputy Managing Director with the reasons being that: He directed that buses earmarked for scrapping be towed out in whole from the Kumasi MMT yard contrary to the company’s policy directive which states that boarded/auctioned MMT buses should be cut into pieces before leaving the premises of the company after being sold.

Some of these buses have already been repaired and are on the road working. b) Buses, which were not meant for scrapping were swapped with buses earmarked for scrapping on his directive.

He directed that repair cost of the buses be inflated for it to look unattractive for repairs hence result in scrapping. This goes further to buttress his earlier involvement in the towing of buses as contained in (a) above. Please Honorable Minister, a committee was formed and tasked to investigate the foregoing and a report is available to testify. The major suppliers of the company should be paid on time to enable them apply relevant items needed for the operations of the company.

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