Did The NPP Create A Generic Loophole With The Voters Register Whiles In Office


Isn’t it strange that, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), started making noise about the voters register and calling for it to be cleaned of ghost names and minors, when the party lost the 2008 elections.

It is now becoming annoying the number of calls from members of the party on the Electoral Commission (EC) to clean the register, with the ridiculous demand coming from the offshore presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he is calling for the scrap of the current register for a new one.

What do they know that, the rest of us don’t know, for which reason they kept hounding us, since they lost the 2008 election about the lack of credibility of the voters register?

Prior to the 2012 elections, Gabby Asare Ochere Darko, a cousin of Nana Addo and an NPP surrogate the Danquah Institute (DI), waged a relentless war on the introduction of the biometric voter register, upon further interaction with the stakeholders, the proposal was accepted and new registration commenced, immediately that was done, the D.I and members of the NPP, pushed for No Verification No Vote.

The no verification no vote idea was a laudable one, as many people saw it as a process of deepening our democracy and having a credible election; the 2012 election came and went, with the Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), President John Dramani Mahama, trouncing the old man.

The political party that pushed for all the reforms prior to the election, cried foul and proceeded to the Supreme Court to invalidate the election, the petition which dragged on for nine months, was eventually thrown out by a majority decision.

The Chairman of the EC, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan, was shredded into pieces, called names and accused of rigging the election for the NDC.

His exit from office, should have been celebrated by all Ghanaians, because his tenure as the EC boss, brought to power candidates of the two major political parties, i.e. the NDC and the NPP, but that was not to be, he exited the office like a criminal, who has been pardoned.

I pity Mrs. Charlotte Osei, the new EC boss, if she was my sister, aunty or mother, I would have told her not to take the job, as she will not receive her due, when it is time for her to bow out.

She had barely settled into the chair, before the NPP started their usual demands again for a new register.

Elections are won or lost at the polling stations, that is the place anybody with sinister motives can execute their agenda, not the strong room of the EC, so political parties, must guard jealously at the polling stations, making noise on in the media and going to bed won’t prevent others from manipulating figures.

In every election, Ghanaians get the leader they want, I am, therefore surprise at the NPP; they do not do their homework before making some demands on the EC and by extension Ghanaians.

Nobody needed a soothsayer or a pollster, to tell Ghanaians that in 2000, Ghanaians wanted a change. It did not matter who was leading the NPP then. The NDC lost the election; it was not the NPP that won.

The call for change resonated with Ghanaians, to the extent that you even had members of the NDC, calling for that change, just to water down the influence of President Jerry John Rawlings in the party and the country, he had become a towering figure that people felt his presence, was preventing them from achieving their aim.

President John Agyekum Kufuor, came to power on the back of that change. In 2004, when he won, Ghanaians still felt he had not completed what he started, so they was the need for continuity.

In 2008, the NPP as it is now, went into the polls with a divided front, it was rumoured that, President Kufuor, did not support the candidature of Nana Addo, it was the reason both leaders failed to show up at Tein.

The NPP, started going slowly on the path of destruction and it has persisted until today.

President John Evans Atta Mills was destined to win the 2008 election, because God and Ghanaians said so, whether the voters register was bloated or not.

Two different results in 2008 came from the Ashanti Region, yet that did not alter the outcome of the 2008 polls.

In 2012, upon the demise of President Mills, President Mahama, attracted a following comparable only to what President Rawlings had in the 80’s. Both young and old rallied around him, people who hitherto, were not known politically came out to campaign for him. We had the formation of many groups, all in the bid to get him

A little history, will tell Nana Addo and his NPP that, the voters register whether bloated or not, does not determine who leads the country. It is the will of God and the wish of the people he wants to govern.

The call for a new register is targeted at a section of Ghanaians, who do not vote for the NPP, this unabated calls of new register is because of the Volta Region, where the NDC get the junk of their votes.

In 2008, the General Secretary of the NPP, Kwabena Adjei Agyepong, had the audacity to ask, whether they were human beings in Hohoe.

If a frog comes out of the water to tell you that, the crocodile is sick, who are you to doubt it. Members of the NPP, are exposing themselves with these calls that are deafening our ears, it is becoming too much.

What is it that they know that, we do not know, perhaps if they are generous and frank enough to tell us, we can all understand their plight, as things stand now, I strongly feel that, they are hiding their true intentions from us.

The only group of people, who see everything wrong with our voters register and electoral process is the NPP, even other countries, come here to learn what we are doing, if the process is flawed, I do not think anybody will come.

We have achieved a milestone, but we can only get better.

If after every four years, we will need to do a new voters register, what money will be left to develop the country. For politicians, we understand that, even if they is no money, they will steal the little that is left, so for them, they will always be comfortable.

The NPP is not the only political party contesting the 2016 election. We have witnessed astronomical figures coming from their stronghold, are we also to take it that, they know what they do there, that they are afraid it is perpetuated elsewhere?

Nana Addo, is in the United Kingdom (UK), calling for a new register, he has abandoned his job of campaigning in Ghana, where he wants to be president.

Sir, the election will not be held in UK, come home and campaign, and leave the rest to Ghanaians and God, the voters register, won’t help you. This is the same road you took in 2012, when you lost, you turn round to accuse the EC and NDC of rigging the election.

Our democracy has come of age, we need to trust the institution mandated to organize elections that, it will do what is necessary, fair and lawful, at every point, the place will be run by Ghanaians, and human beings, who will make mistakes, we only need to support and encourage them.

But running the whole institution down, because Nana Addo, has not become President, is not helping.

Ghana is not for Nana Addo.

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