Did My MP, Alahji Amadu Sorogho Also Receive The NHIA Gh¢8,000?


The truth they say is a bitter pill to swallow, but who wouldn’t swallow a bitter pill if it helps you get better? I know my admonishing today will not sit well with Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, but a disclaimer is appropriate at this time before I proceed further, I do not hold any grudges against him, as I don’t personally know him, except I voted for him in the 2012 elections and so I am duty bound to criticize him when he is not living up to expectation.

My article today is based on observation, and what I hear on the ground, regarding how his Constituents rate him, but it is not based on any scientific research, so before anybody takes me to the cleaners, the person must bear in mind my opening statement.

I have observed, yes I have observed, I have listened, and I have heard, and the verdict is unambiguously clear that Alhaji Amadu Sorogho is a disaster of an MP.

In 2012, after voting for President John Dramani Mahama and been given the parliamentary ballot paper, I behaved like any other illiterate voter will, I did not stop to consider the other aspirants on the ballot paper, I proceeded to cast my vote for Amadu Sorogho, without having in mind what he had done for the Constituency and what he intends to do going forward.

My regret is that I should have exercised my franchise responsibly; I should have looked beyond party affiliation and my love for the President and voted for somebody, who has the interest of Madina at heart and whose message resonate with the people.

We are adding years and patting ourselves at the back at the turn of every election, we refer to ourselves as the beacon of hope for democracy in Africa, but really do we understand it, your guess is as good as mine.

How many of us, have not voted for a parliamentary candidate, because he is contesting on the ticket of our preferred political party, we do not listen to what they say, we do not care what their programmes are, have we ever bothered to ask them to tell us what legislation they will be pushing when they get into parliament, for as long as this continues, they will take us for granted, after all, for some of them their biggest and challenging contest is to get pass the internal primaries, the national elections is only as we say a formality.

Sorogho’s job was made easy for him, when the Constituency was divided, the demographics of the Madina Constituency is now made up largely of people from the Northern and Volta extraction, and these two ethnic groups lean towards the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and so he will take the people for granted.

It is Abraham Lincoln, a former President of the United State of America (USA), who said that you can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the time some of the people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. The time of reckoning will certainly come and it is sooner than he thinks.

Last week Friday, the Herald carried a story detailing how the 275 Members of Ghana’s Parliament are contributing to bringing the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) to its knees. Each MP from both sides of the House, is reported to be receiving GH¢8,000, every quarter to ostensibly monitor the activities of the scheme in their Constituencies. The question I asked is, what are they monitoring, if they are the same people who are screaming on top of the voices that the scheme is collapsing, especially those on the Minority side?

I want to cross swords with Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, because I voted for him and I will demand accountability from him. He owes me and other hundreds of thousands of people, who defied the weather and the insult to vote for him an explanation.

These days, when you are among friends, or you are a tenant in a house dominated by members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), anytime the subject of what Alhaji Sorogho, has done for the Madina Constituency comes up, you do not have evidence of a single thing to point to.
The Constituency used to be Madina-Abokobi, and so it was argued that the Constituency is big and is replete with so many problems, by
dividing the Constituency, it was expected that the MP, will live up to expectation, but as things stand now, he has been a disaster of an MP.

The argument could be made for him that his primary responsibility as an MP, is to make laws, development is the job of the central government, but MPs are also expected to lobby for projects and programmes for their people. What has he lobbied for, especially since it is his power that is in power?

MPs also receive common fund, what has he used that money too for? The state of Madina roads are in a deplorable condition, potholes that could easily be fixed are left unattended to; some are developing into manholes, and is causing unnecessary displeasure to drivers.

I do not want to add water, because that kind of project is too big for an MP, but street lights and potholes are the least any responsible MP, will do for his people.

You will occasionally read or hear in the media about MPs registering their Constituents on the NHIA, especially the aged, young and vulnerable in their Constituency; I am yet to hear anybody in the Constituency whisper that my MP, Alhaji Sorogho had registered anybody.

So the GH¢8,000 that he receives every quarter, what does he use the money for? Four quarters in the year that is GH¢32,000 annually. This is a lot of money that could go a long way to alleviate the suffering of his people.

So you can see why all these problems Alhaji Sorogho, does not add up to a happy ending in 2016, if I could advice you, it will be that you do not contest in the primaries in 2015.

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