Did John Kufuor Snatch John Rawlings’s Girlfriend?

A fortnight ago, when the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) paid a courtesy called on the former president, Jerry John Rawlings, he took a swipe as has been his wont of his successor John Agyekum Kufuor.

Former President Jerry john Rawlings  J A Kufour

Jerry John Rawlings, Former President  of Ghana                John Agyekum Kufuor, Former President of Ghana

It was widely reported both in print and online that, the former president suggested his successor, John Agyekum Kufuor, supervised the building of hotels and luxury apartments in waterways in the capital, Accra.

A lot of discerning Ghanaians, after listening and reading what the former president said, were startled about the comments coming from Jerry Rawlings, an unrepentant rabid hater of John Kufuor, the statement should be taken with a pinch of salt, because it is lacking in sincerity.

With that statement, Rawlings, was likely doing either of two things or both. One, he might have been playing to the gallery as usual, with the pretentious intent to make Ghanaians believe that he has suddenly become a champion of their cause.

Or two, just doing what he does best, everyone is evil and undeserving of praise, except him.

Rawlings did not provide any proof for the very serious allegations, because he thinks he is so important that his words must be sacrosanct.

He cannot just help himself, when it comes to anything Kufuor. That Kufuor is Rawlings’s bête noire should be understandable, and that’s only being fair. Rawlings always characterized Kuffuor, as the worst leader Ghana ever had

Jerry Rawlings behavior towards John Kufuor, can be likened to the naggings of a disgruntled, disaffected, love – starved house wife, who expects to be petted or massaged to assuage her anxieties.

Over the years, especially since 2001, when he handed over power to John Agyekum Kufuor, we have massaged his egos and hailed him, because we see him as infallible and that unfortunately like most men, has gotten into his head.

The gospel truth is that Jerry Rawlings is suffering from the omniscience complex. He is a man full of himself to the point of narcissism. He values and cherishes self over and above every other person(s).

And during the Prof. John Evans Atta Mills presidency, Jerry Rawlings rose against Mills, his chosen one, accusing him of one thing or another.

Even in death, he still has some unkind words for him, denying him the opportunity to rest in peace.

The party that he founded, National Democratic Congress (NDC), has not known peace with him since 2009, every opportunity that he gets even on platforms created by the party, he uses it to further his hatred for his own legacy.

Former president John Agyekum Kufuor, is one man, I have grown to love, although I had my reservations about him, when he was in office, he has won my admiration, since he left office.

He has rightly assumed the role of a statesman; he has become a father figure, who transcends one political party. He has been beaten, insulted and his legacy shredded by his predecessor, never has Kufuor raised a finger or voice against Rawlings.

But on this occasion, he was forced to fight back, he has demonstrated that though gentle and genial, he is not a timid guy.

Kufuor’s response to his pen pal, Rawlings, shows that when faced with a threat to his legacy, he can as well spew out venom.

Kufuor’s response is motivated by several factors, chiefly that enough is enough. Plead with President Kufuor, to remain the leader that he has become to be known, because the cost of fighting is far greater than the cost of peacemaking.

There is a popular saying in our local parlance, which says when you are bathing and a madman comes to take your cloth, do you run after him.

The two leaders are distinct in character, temperament etc, Kufuor, has been severally described as the gentle giant, those who use to see only the bad in him, have grown to love him, me included.

I have my opinion of his eight-year reign as the president, but as a former head of state, he has carried himself creditably.

President Rawlings who did not take it kindly with Kufuor describing him as a hypocrite, threw another salvo.

He explained that Kufuor calling him “hypocrite” sounds like the typical baseless insults he receives from his colleague former president.

Mr Rawlings in a tweet on his official twitter handle, stated that he finds it ridiculous and malicious on the part of John Kufuor to characterize his efforts to exercise politeness and keep the peace as being hypocritical.

“You should be grateful for the excessive tolerance of Ghanaians and the poor quality of justice in our society, which has allowed some big men like you to walk free,” the tweet read on.

This is coming from someone, who has committed enough of crimes against this country to last several life times

The frozen relationship between Rawlings and Kufuor is unlikely to thaw, we have not seen the end of it, but in the final analysis, it is the Ghanaian, who looks up to the two leaders as role models, who losses.





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