Did I Hear Ade Coker Is Contesting Again?


Let me begin this epistle by making one thing clear.  Everyone who meets the qualification set out by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has the legal right to vie for any position of his choosing.

Also, the questions of competence, capacity, popularity and goodwill are both subjective and objective.

But I am more concerned that the NDC today is a party in pain, having lost a crucial election in 2016, and I am more worried about a greater the rank and file of the party are going through.

A candidate may honestly believe he is better suited than others on those scores until he is confronted with facts, figures, and superior argument as to a better candidacy. You do not expect a candidate to objectively appraise other candidates and admit they are better suited for an office than he is.

Leaders, who left a mark in history, are those, who are able to leave the stage when the applause is up. A leader must know when he has outlived his usefulness.

It is only in Africa that, leaders wait to be pushed, their exit most often erode whatever gains they might have made, whiles in service, because they don’t know when the time is up.

Last week in South Africa, former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, when he addressed the centenary celebration of Nelson Mandela, said among the attributes of Mandela that, Madiba could have been president for life, asks the crowd “Am I wrong? who was going to run against him?” says the former leader could have governed by fear but did the opposite.

The greater Accra regional chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Ade Coker, has declared his intention to contest for the position again.

It is obvious that, Chairman Ade, is not aware of the times we live in. if he was a president, he would have served two terms of four years, as constitutionally mandated.

I have always said that, you do not fight today’s war, with yesterday’s strategy. Chairman Ade, belongs to the past of the NDC, its future belongs to those, who are willing, able and ready to go the extra mile to assure members of the party of victory in 2020.

Ade came in at the time he needed the party, but he failed when the party needed him. Ade Kobina Coker, was first elected in 2009, when the NDC had just won the 2008 elections.

In the 2008 election, the NDC obtained 52.1 percent of the valid votes cast. In the 2012 election the party garnered 52percent, whiles in the 2016 the party had 46.69percent.

In 2008, out of the 27 parliamentary seats, NDC took 18 seats. In 2012, the party had 20 seats, in 2016; the party had 13 seats out of the 34, losing the region to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The NDC started losing grip of the region, when Ade became the regional chairman. You inherit a party with 18 seats and watch the party loses 21, what moral justification do you have for another shot at the job.

Mr Ade Coker has lost grip of the party in the region. He has lost his bearings so far as the organization of the party in the region is concern and this is contributed significantly to the party losing the region.

The NDC did not only lose parliamentary seats, but the presidential votes, has been declining since 2012.

Growing attrition and despondency among party supporters in the region, were the major causal reasons why the party performed disappointingly in the region.

In a 4*4 relay, when the baton  is handed to you in the last lap, when your team is leading and you end up becoming last at the end of the race. You have lost every right to be given another opportunity, especially so, when you didn’t only cross the finish line second, but you came last, against the previous time, cloaked by your team.

Adec Coker, should in all humility apologise to the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress, especially those in the Greater Accra region, that will be the first of atoning for the abysmal performance of the party in his care as the regional chairman.

Ade Coker has left nothing, absolutely nothing as an achievement for the party faithful in the whole eight years of his leadership.

There has not been any transformation in terms of infrastructure; the party is even being evicted from its Kokomlemle regional office.

Should the delegates of the party in Greater Accra, repeat the mistake of 2014, by returning Ade Coker to post, the party is bound to run into a ditch and an unfathomable crisis.

At least until they make that mistake, Ade Coker, must tell us, what his achievements are?

He will try to shape and mould truth to best suit their purposes, but we are not all blind, even we are, we are deaf, if we are deaf, we definitely are not dumb.








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