Develop Good Business Continuity Plans


Ace Customer Service Coach and author, J. N. Halm has advised businesses in the country to ensure that they always have good business continuity plan drawn up.

J. N. Halm gave this advice on Starr FM’s morning show, Morning Starr when he appeared as a special guest on Monday 8th June, 2015. He explained, that the absence of these plans could have accounted for the great challenges many businesses are facing after the recent flooding around the country.

Mr Halm added that in as much as business leaders and owners should not think negative when it comes to their businesses, they must also understand that disasters are very much a part of business life. He observed that since the rainy season is a regular occurrence in this part of the world, it actually made good business sense for organizations to have clearly drawn out plans for combating various challenges that the season brings. He is, therefore, calling on all Ghanaians to better prepare for any such future occurrences.

J. N. Halm is the author of the very popular book “Customer Romance—A New Feel of Customer Service” and the Chief Executive of The Customer Experience Consortium (CXC).

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