Details Of Dr. Issah Egala’s Death & Burial Out

  1. Dr Issah Egala, a Christian, died at home on May 17, 2017, whilst his wife was in the United States of America (USA) attending their son’s Doctorate graduation. He was in the best of health when she left Ghana on May 10, as can be attested by his golf partners and house staff.
  2.  The widow was in California with their son, when she heard about the demise of her husband and immediately began the journey to return to Ghana, whilst she was mid-flight, her husband was buried without her knowledge.
  3.  His cousin’s, Iddi and Dramani, in collaboration with some close friends, hurriedly buried Dr Egala, within a day of his death, without a Coroner’s Inquest, having given false information to the police to obtain a Burial Certificate. They had also deceived the widow by telling her they would await her return before making funeral arrangements.
    4. Following discovery by the Police of the anomalies and discrepancies connected with the process by which the Death Certificate and the Burial Report were obtained, the Police Headquarters, ordered for an investigation.

Upon the initial investigation, the Ghana Police Service, made an official application for exhumation in the Law Courts and the order for Exhumation was obtained (copy attached).
5. Before the body was exhumed, the widow of the late Dr Egala was summoned by one Police officer, Tsidi to the Police Headquarters. She was informed that the late husband’s body, would be exhumed for a post mortem, and it would be done by the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, because the Police Hospital, had been implicated in the issuance of the Death Certificate without a Coroner’s Inquest, following a death at home.
6. Mrs Egala, was informed by the police that the body of the late husband would be given to her as the next of kin for re-burial.
7. Dr Issah Egala, had left written instructions for his burial and funeral (attached) and based upon these, and on further consultation with some families members and friends of the deceased, a decision was taken that the late Dr Egala, should be given a befitting reburial.
8. On the evening before the reburial, an injunction was placed which prevented the reburial from going ahead.
9. The widow, not wanting the body of the late husband to be in the morgue for the litigation, which could be possible long and tedious, informed the Police to release the body to the few family members contesting her arrangements for his reburial.

Additional Facts:

1. The widow, his children and close family members were not consulted and informed about Dr Egala’s burial.
2. Several close family members and important friends were not informed about Dr Egala’s death by those who buried him.
3. Traditional rites and customs were not done before the burial.
4. The widow spoke to both Iddi and Dramani Egala upon hearing of her husband’s death, both of them assured her they would wait her to join his family to plan his burial and funeral, and that she should return to Ghana as soon as possible. The widow purchased new airline tickets from California to Ghana, and arrived to Ghana with the first available flights in the early hours of Sunday 21st May, to learn that her husband, a Christian, had been buried on the following day after his death on 18th May, it was made impossible for her to attend her husband’s death.
5. Christians do not bury their dead within such short notice, i.e. within one day, and it is surprising that two Anglican priests and a retired Anglican Bishop, should have officiated the funeral without the participation and attendance of Dr Egala’s wife, children and other close family members.
6. Dr Egala, had been step-father for over 30 years, and had a very close relationship with the widow’s children and he had made them promise to attend his funeral, they were not informed of the burial.
7. Dr Egala never worshipped at the Madina Anglican Church where his funeral service was held, a fact which was known to Ms Margaret Ekua Prah, a People’s Warden of Legon Anglican Church, who organized Dr Egala’s burial service. Ms Prah, a close friend of Dr Egala, was aware of his written burial instructions, and that the funeral and burial were not organized in accordance to these instructions.
8. Dr Egala, had converted from Islam to Christianity in 1998, with the guidance and counsel of his wife; some Muslim members of his family, were extremely unhappy with this conversion.

It is reasonable to assume that the whole exercise of Dr Egala’s burial was done to exclude the widow and her children from his funeral, and possibly to cover other matters, as well as to prevent the Coroner’s Inquest from being carried out.

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