Why I Deserted Akufo-Addo


–Hurt Abu Jinapor Reveals, Admits NPP See Him As NDC Spy

By Cecil Mensah

The garrulous aide to the twice defeated presidential candidate, Samuel Abu Jinapor, on Wednesday exhibited a certain side of him unknown to the public , losing his voice as he gave reasons for deserting his political mentor and God figure, Nana Akufo-Addo, after the latter’s 2012 presidential waterloo.

He revealed his discomfort in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), saying elements see him as spy for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and constantly points accusing fingers at him, and this “hurts” him even though he had served the party to the best of his abilities.

The accusations of mistrust, he said were borne out his family relations, as well as his recent marriage to the beautiful daughter of the Minister of Fisheries and Aqua-Culture, Mr. Nayan Bilijoe.

Sounding very frustrated, he disclosed that some NPP people unsure of his loyalty to the party, have confronted him over the issue of allegiance, but he is not perturbed, as his remains a true member of the party, adding he talks to Nana Addo very often.

But this has been disputed by a close source to Nana Addo, whose accounts The Herald, will be coming out with soon in subsequent editions.
According to the young lawyer, he is going through the rudiments of the law profession at the bar to carve a niche for himself as a lawyer, besides Nana
Addo is now like any ordinary party member of the NPP, hence the obvious distance between the two of them.

“I have taken the decision to build myself at the Bar and as I speak with you I am on my way to the High Court (16) at Cocoa Affairs. Anybody can verify that”, he said in an interview with Alhassan S. Suhuyini, the host of newspaper review programme on an Accra-based, Radio Gold.

He said, he did not find it expedient to go on radio or do media engagements (as most supporters and other NPP elements, like Sir John, Sammie Awuku, Hopeson Adorye and others did during the Elections Petition) because doing so would not have influenced the outcome of Nana Addo’s case before the Supreme Court.

Samuel Jinapor, a junior brother to the Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum in the ruling NDC, John Abu Jinapor said, he took a personal decision to broaden his skills at the Bar, which was a decision he took in 2012 after completing the Ghana Law School.

He posited that in 2008, he took a decision to support a particular candidate at the NPP presidential polls and “I did it to the best of my ability, in 2008 I supported Nana Addo and did it to the best of my ability” adding “at any point in time if I decide to get on the political band wagon, it will be my decision to take. This is what I am paying particular attention to and not the extrapolation people make out of my absence in politics”.

He stressed that “…post 2008 I was not a lawyer, post 2012 am I a lawyer. Post 2008 I was not working in a law firm; post 2012 I am working in a law”.

He likened his current political layback situation to that of an employee of Radio Gold, who cannot do as he or she pleases, by saying that “as lawyer working in a law firm I am required to perform certain duties”.

The young lawyer, who is currently working in the law firm belonging to Yoni Kulendi dubbed Kulendi @Law in the plush Airport residential area widely believed to be spying for President John Dramani Mahama, said he would not respond to people who have issues with his marriage to an NDC minister’s daughter , saying it’s a private decision, therefore, owe no one an explanation.

He insisted that he had not abandoned Nana Addo at a time he (Nana Addo) was pursuing his dream of becoming the President of the Republic, to pursue his professional career, Mr. Jinapor disagreed, noting that it would not be fair to say he had abandoned Nana Addo, for his law career.

“If somebody says I have abandoned him, the person must be able to put a figure on what about him (Nana Addo) that I have I abandoned”, he said.
He explained that when elections are over everybody’s role ceases, including that of Nana Addo as the presidential candidate of the party, if he were to win he becomes the President; if he does not win, the party’s National Chairman, General Secretary and other elected officers take charge of the party.

He insisted that he has been in communication with Nana Addo very often, but when the last time he spoke with him, Mr. Jinapor could not mention.
Indeed, The Herald has been informed that the onetime aide has not spoken to Nana Addo, since last year.

He admitted he was once a member of the NDC, during his days at the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology (KNUST), but said he was not a card bearing member of the party.

More to come!

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