Deputy Justice Minister Blames NAM 1 Interpol Arrest Warrant On CID Boss 


A Deputy Minister of Justice and Attorney General, has distanced the government from the Interpol Red Alert issued on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of gold dealership firm, Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah, who is languishing in faraway Dubai cells.

Joseph Kpemkpa, insists that neither government nor his Ministry, was responsible for the alert which has kept the businessman in a Dubai cell for months, saying the right institution to answer the question was the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and not him nor his boss, Gloria Akuffo.

Mr Kpempka, who was days ago accosted by journalists, demanding to know when government, was going to revoke the red alert to enable Mr Mensah alias “NAM1” battle his case in the United Arab Emirates(UAE),said he was the wrong person to answer that question, because the A-G’s Department, has nothing to do with the so called red alert.

According to the Deputy A-G, who was among the government delegation who visited NAM1 in Dubai Police cells together with the Minister of State in-Charge of National Security, Bryan Acheampong, sometime in January, this year, information about the Interpol Red Alert, can be solicited from the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and not government or the Ministry.

“I did not trigger any red alert that’s my answer. The AGs department didn’t trigger any red alert that’s my answer. Government did not trigger red alert. You see you are only running away from seeking the appropriate person to answer you. I have repeatedly told you that answers to this can be found at the CID period”!, he said forcefully.

Documents in the possession of The Herald, reveal that NAM1, has been struggling without success to get the alert off his back to appear in court to fight his gold business deal with the Dubai based gold buyers.

Indeed, this paper has seen one such document in which the Court hearing the case filed by the Dubai-based Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC, had to adjourn the case, because NAM1 was not in court for the hearing. This was because the Interpol office in Dubai, won’t allow him, saying he needed permission from Ghanaian authorities to be allowed.

The next court date for the appeal is in three weeks, but it is not clear, whether the CID will revoke the Interpol red alert and allow the Menzgold boss to be in court for the appeal hearing.The Herald learnt that the Judge presiding over the appeal was angry at the Dubai Police for not allowing him to appear.

Days ago, Menzgold, appealed to government to revoke the Interpol Red Alert notice placed on Nana Appiah Mensah, so he could be released in order for him to mobilize funds to settle his Ghanaian customers.

According to the firm, Interpol is still keeping NAM 1, as the Menzgold boss is popularly known, on the account of the Ghanaian government, a claim which contradicts a recent statement by the Deputy Attorney General, Joseph Kpemkpa.

The deputy minister, had claimed the Menzgold boss is still in Dubai, because there is an appeal against his victory ruling of April 9.

Menzgold in a statement Monday said: “All customers and the general public should be advised that our Emirati, English, American and Ghanaian Lawyers have forwarded a comprehensive communication to the Government of Ghana regarding the recovery of company funds from a Dubai Gold Company called Horizon Royal Diamonds.

“The facts of the appeal and more importantly, the unjustifiable Interpol arrest and continued detention of the Chief Executive Officer of our company via the Interpol Red Alert Order by the Ghanaian Government”.

It added: “Among other pertinent factual issues raised with supporting documents, we urged the government to respectfully revoke the Interpol Red Notice Order or agree to a bail bond for the immediate release of our Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold to:

“1. Continue to pursue the 750kg of gold, now worth $39milion from Horizon Royal Diamonds legally without this justice obstruction and funds from other debtors worldwide.

“2. For the CEO to freely communicate and meet with our global business associates and partners, who have expressed preparedness following our favorable judgment in the Dubai Court on the 9th April 2019, to assist financially and for us to adequately settle our cherished customers/company debt liabilities as soon as possible, as we seek to resolve and give immediate closure to these disturbing matters of the past few months and in order to go ahead with our business as Ghana’s Gold Hub.

“We are hoping that government will make a decision regarding these disturbing issues soon, to make way for immediate amicable resolution in its best interest and that of our cherished customers, staff body, the company and the general public at large, as we seek to continue to contribute our bits to National development”.

In April this year, same Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Joseph Dindiok Kpemka, was elated that Menzgold boss, had been exonerated of criminal charges in Dubai on Tuesday, April 9, and asked to be paid several millions of dollars owed him by an Emirate gold firm.

Mr Joseph Kpemka, who was speaking to Blakk Rasta on Taxi Driver, Ghana’s flagship late afternoon radio show on Zylofon 92.1 FM, disclosed that he knew the businessman was innocent from the onset.

It would be recalled that in January this year Mr Kpemka, led a high powered government delegation to Dubai to press for the extradition of the Menzgold boss.

Other members of the delegation were a representative from the Economic Organised Crime Office (EOCO), the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and National Security who sought to understand the case against NAM1 over there and a possible extradition to Ghana to face justice.

He disclosed he was however, shocked to learn that NAM1 was totally innocent of what he being was accused of in Dubai and predicted a quick closure to the case so that Menzgold customers could have a breather.

Several Ghanaians who sought for NAM1 head accused the Deputy Attorney General of complexity and refused to take his story.

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