Deputy Edu. Min. Talks As If He Didn’t Attend Basic School In Ghana-CCT Pres


The Government, has incurred the wrath of some teacher unions, following it decision to privatize the country’s basic education.

One of such groups, the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), has expressed disappointment over the policy and has asked government to relook at it.

The group, has also descended heavily on a Deputy Minister in charge of basic education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum, who has been explaining government’s position on the policy.

On Wednesday, Dr Yaw Adutwum, had as usual tried to make a case for the policy. But President of CCT, who vehemently disagreed with the Deputy Minister, chided him, saying the politician’s utterances appear as though he never passed through the country’s education system before traveling abroad.

According to the teacher, there are indeed fundamental problems at various levels of the sector, acknowledging it is the responsibility of government, to find solution to them.

In his view, all government needs to do is to invest more into the sector, provide incentives to teachers in rural communities and so on, rather than worsening the already bad situation.

In a phone interview with TV3’s Martin Asiedu Darteh, King Ali  Awudu, expressed disappointment about the situation and wondered why Dr. Adutwum, is still acting in that manner, especially so because he has had the benefit of both Ghana and foreign systems as an educationist.

“Why is the Deputy Minister behaving as if he did not go through basic education in the country? It is disappointing to hear someone who has had our education and that of outside, talk this way. Instead of finding lasting solution, you are talking of partnership?

He alleged, it has been the intention of government and for that matter the Deputy Minister over the past two years, to privatize the sector as they are scheming to implement. To make government’s case good, Mr Awudu said government, has deliberately been starving these schools with the needed resources to run efficiently.

“You see, this issue of government privatizing schools did not start today. Over the past two years, they have internationally been starving some of these basic schools of the necessary resources, so that they won’t perform”, he said.

He also indicated the group was never consulted by government, adding they came into the discussion after they intercepted certain documents covering the policy.

“We have never been engaged throughout this entire partnership school thing we only intercepted documents and then we decided to come out to tell government that what they are doing is recipe for disaster” Mr Awudu added.
















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