Depression Is Killing Ghanaians

Experts, especially psychologists, linked suicide cases to poverty, frustration leading to depression as a result of neglect and abandonment by those who should have cared but failed; hopelessness, joblessness and loss of beloved ones or property.

In Ghana, it is not seen as a serious situation that must engage the attention of our leaders. This government and previous governments continue to behave as if suicide among the citizens is normal.

About three or four years ago, the country recorded its highest number of suicide cases. It became like a competition among the citizenry, including both young and old.

In 2017, an eleven-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself at Kasoa Old timers in the Awutu Senya East municipality of Central region.

The class six pupil, is said to have hanged herself with a mobile phone charger after fighting with her elder brother over a pair of socks.

According to the Chief Executive of the Mental Health Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei, Ghana records about 1,500 suicide cases annually.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra Monday, Dr Osei said the leading cause of suicide was depression.

More worrying is when he said, “in every single reported case of suicide, , there were four unreported cases, bring the number of unreported cases of suicide, bring the number to about 6,000 annually”.

The resort to suicide is heightened by rising societal expectations which the country’s economic environment contradicts.

There are serious emotional and financial stresses among Ghanaians, which cannot be wished away. The recent collapsed of Menzgold, as well as the closing down of banks and the revocation of the licenses of 347 insolvent microfinance institutions, must be handled with outmost care, if not what will be befall this country, will be more than we have ever experienced.

In more advanced societies, depression is considered a serious ailment, and so every organization, has a clinical psychologist, who is employed full time, to attend to the psychological needs of the employees.

As a newspaper, we think it is about time, the government considers depression, as a serious problem that requires urgent attention.

This newspaper believes that the strong communal bond that binds Ghanaians, has been broken by the alien lifestyle the citizens now live. This imported lifestyle places premium on self with scant regard for neighbour.


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