Deportee Mac Manu’s Democratic Union Located In Accra


The deportation of ex-National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and Akufo-Addo’s 2016 Campaign Manager, Peter Mac Manu, has taken a shocking turn.

The Herald, has established that the organization; Democratic Union of Africa International (DUA) which allegedly sent him to Kenya to monitor that country’s election is located at Asylum Down –Accra, Ghana.

Firstly, according to the official website of the DUA,, its headquarters and the secretariat is in Ghana under the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Secondly, DUA has a Ghanaian by name Charles Owiredu, as the Secretary General. It, however, did not mention when Charles was elected to the position.

Amazingly, the said Charles Owiredu, whose picture is on the website of DUA, is now serving as a Deputy Foreign Minister in the Akufo-Addo government, meaning DUA offices is not operational.

Thirdly, the location address of DUA, was also stated as House number C654/3, Asylum Down, Accra, while its C/O New Patriotic Party, Private Mail Bag, Accra North.

Fourthly, a Vodafone mobile telephone number +233 20 861 6863, is also provided as the only contact phone number to the DUA Headquarters located in Accra, Ghana. The phone number is the private line of Charles Owiredu. While, was given as its email address.

The website, portrays Mr. Mac Manu as a person on a mission, as opposed to an officially sanctioned assignment as has been painted.

The NPP and sections of the Ghanaian media, have projected Mr. Mac Manu, as one of the best brains in Africa on election matters.

The site looks very inactive, indeed it is extremely dormant as the last update on the site took place on November 18, 2014. The late Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey is captured by that website as having held a workshop for West Africa Youth in Accra – Ghana from Friday 17 January to Monday 20 January 2014 in Accra on issue based Campaigning. Almost all activities on the site were NPP related.

It appears phony and unprofessional, as it has lots of avoidable spelling mistakes. The website, was also designed here in Ghana by a company called INFOSAPP raising further doubts of the authenticity of the organization and its international status.

The site did not mention any thing about Mr. Peter Mac Manu’s mission to Kenya and the names and number of persons forming his team of election observers to the East African country. His deportation was also not mentioned or condemned by the DUA secretariat, suggesting he was on his own mission.

Strangely, the site stated that “DUA is composed of 10 member parties from African countries and it is the African regional unit of the International Democrat Union (IDU). IDU, itself has over 80 member parties from over 60 countries with even full members from both Russia and the USA. Many of its members come from democracies newly established during the 1990s. In addition to full membership in DUA and IDU, parties can also join the Women’s and Youth organizations under the IDU umbrella”.

Aside Charles Owiredu, the Ugandan opposition leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye, of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), was mentioned by the Secretariat as the DUA chairman, having been re-elected at “the 2013 Party Leaders Meeting in Lesotho.

Interestingly, Dr. Kizza Besigye is yet to react to Mr. Mac Manu’s deportation from Kenya.

Ghana’s governing party, the NPP, boasts of ties to the opposition Orange Democratic Movement ODM led by Raila Odinga, suggesting it will be interested having the incumbent Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta defeated in the Kenyan presidential election.

Meanwhile, the Akufo-Addo government, has reacted to the deportation of two Ghanaians from Kenya, saying it has no interest in whoever emerges as winner in the yesterday’s Presidential poll.

A statement by the Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, said the decision over which candidate was fit to lead the East African country is a reserve of Kenyans. The government’s statement failed to disclose the person who was deported together with Mr. Mac Manu.

“We wish to make it clear that Government of Ghana has no interest whatsoever in who emerges winner in Tuesday’s poll,” the statement read.

Reports are that Mr. Mac Manu and his unnamed Ghanaian colleague were not the only people deported from Kenya ahead of its elections yesterday. The US Embassy in Nairobi reported two other foreign nationals working for the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) were also deported.

But government said this was not the first time Mr. Manu has acted in his capacity as a member of the DUAIO.

“The Ghanaian Constitution guarantees every citizen of Ghana the freedom to participate in political activity inside or outside of the country, within the laws of Ghana and wherever they find themselves,” the Information Minister said in the statement.

The government said, any Ghanaian, who engages in any political activity inside or outside Ghana, does that in his own capacity as a free citizen in a free state and not at the behest of the country.

“Ghana enjoys strong diplomatic relations with Kenya and would continuously work to deepen this, as well as explore other areas of co-operation between the two countries,” the statement added.

Kenya’s National Super Alliance (NASA) has confirmed that Mr. Mac Manu, was not the only individual who was denied entry into Kenya, as some representatives from the United States suffered a similar fate.

“This should be seen in the context of an operation that they were carrying yesterday, not just in this national centre, but everywhere. They were removed from the plane, they did not formally disembark from the plane, they were taken away by the Police and pushed into another plane back to Ghana,” the Chief Agent of Kenya’s National Super Alliance, James Orengo explained.

Earlier reports from Kenya had suggested Mr. Manu’s denial was linked to his role as Honorary Chairman of the DUA, an umbrella body of centre-right parties in Africa, which includes some opposition parties in Kenya.

Mr. Orengo, however, denied these claims, saying it was a general operation that affected agents from the United States too.

“This should be seen in the context of an operation that they were carrying yesterday not just in this national centre but everywhere. They were removed from the plane, they did not formally disembark from the plane, they were taken away by the Police and pushed into another plane back to Ghana.

“We had also friends from Canada and United States. Both of them in sharing their experiences said the Police invaded their apartment where they were living and one of them was molested and thrown away into the bush.”



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