Demolitions Will Earn AMA A Bad Name But…


After the June 3, twin disaster that claimed the lives of more than 150 Ghanaians, local authorities, especially the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), has started a demolition exercise that is aimed at removing unauthorized structures, scattered across the city.

The move is a laudable one, as the rate and level of indiscipline in the city, has reached an alarming rate.

We commend the AMA, and wish them well in this endeavor, which is most likely going to earn them a bad name.

We are, however, concerned about the manner in which the exercise is being carried out.

Yesterday, a demolition exercise was carried out at North Dzorwulu. Squatters have built kiosks just under the electricity high tension, which in itself is not safe
for them.

The exercise itself was long in coming, as residents around the place have complained severally to the authorities to get rid of the illegal structures, which have become a town, providing accommodation to not less than 500 people.

The AMA, stormed the place with bulldozers, accompanied by both military and police personnel to provide security and to ensure that, nobody tries anything untoward.

It was to be expected that, once the place has become a settlement, utilities, such as electricity and water has been extended there, it is only proper that, when embarking on such an exercise, staff of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), must be part of the team.

Carrying only military and police personnel, as if Ghanaians are so erratic and not law-abiding is stretching the issue.

The overzealousness of the operators of the bulldozers has cut electricity supply to some part of the area.
ome electric wires were affected and as usual they have left it like that and gone, leaving the residents helpless.

It is to prevent this that we recommend that, next time they are embarking on these exercises, which we all support, they have to think about those who are legally occupying land and places they have acquired. You do not solve one problem by creating another.

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