Delay Questions Elikem On Pokello’s $25, 000 As Bride Price


Actor and Fashion Designer, Elikem Kumordzi last year got married to his Zimbabwean lover Pokello, with whom he now has a child.

After the ceremony, news went round that Elikem claimed he spent $25,000 on their ceremony.

Host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso has asked the actor to come clean on the actual money spent.

“Elikem Kumordzi, people want to know, you said you spent 25,000 dollars on your marriage, the question is, is it US dollars or Zimbabwe dollars? Please come out and clarify, you cannot throw dust in our eyes.”

“Don’t say because I asked this question so you will get angry and not come on my show, as for my show, you will come, I will interview you before we both die.”

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