Debt stock hits ¢138.8 billion as of November 2017


The country’s total debt stock reached ¢138.8 billion as of November 2017 according to the latest Bank of Ghana economic and financial data report.

Breakdown of the debt numbers

The report released Friday showed that the debt went down marginally from ¢138.9 billion in September as compared to ¢138.8 billion in November.

However, the Central Bank’s data showed that from October to November 2017, the total debt stock rather went up from ¢137.6 to ¢138.8 billion.

External debt stood at ¢74.7 billion cedis; an equivalent of $16.9 million, accounting for 37 percent of the total value of the economy.

Domestic debt component of the total amount stood at ¢64.2 billion; this is about 31.2 percent debt-to-GDP ratio.

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