Daylight Robbery In Sachet Water Industry


Kofi Kapito, and his Consumer Protection Agency, must not only be interested in going after the big players, especially operators in the telecommunications industry.

We all know that, telecommunications companies in this country have for long taken their customers for granted. The National Communication Authourity (NCA), have on several occasions sanctioned or imposed fines, but that has not deterred them from continually taken customers for granted and treating them as though, they are not the reason why they are in business.

A lot of small things go unnoticed and we implore the Consumer Protection Agency, to stop looking at the bigger things and concentrate more on things that affect virtually every Ghanaian.

When was the last time, anybody took a critical look at the milligram of water in sachet water, lately the quantity in each sachet water is 500ml, it is obvious that, that is not the actual quantity.

The size keeps shrinking, yet no one seems bothered about it. What is happening is clearly a daylight robbery, because the Consumer Protection Agency and by extension, Ghanaians are not angry enough, to ask for the right quantity, based on the ML, they themselves claim it contain.

Sachet and bottled water, have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and is very difficult to dispense with, as such any attempt to temper with it, must be resisted by all.

We are all fixated on the big companies;we are all looking at the conglomerates and losing sight of what the smaller companies, with far reaching consequences are doing.

The Food and Drugs Authority and the Ghana Standard Authority, are more concern about the content, rather than the quantity, the CPA, must take that up, to ensure that consumers are not shortchanged.

Not too long, the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPWP), announced an increment in the prices of sachet and bottled water. The increase could not be sustained, because even at the current price, they were making a lot of profit.

They have found a way to effect the increment by reducing the quantity of water in the sachet and still maintained the Milligram, to deceive consumers.

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