Dark & Lovely Hits Ghanaian Market With New Product


…Launches Crème 6 Oils Body Lotion

By Alfred K Dogbe

Leading cosmetic product in the Ghanaian market and the most established beauty brand in West Africa, Dark and Lovely, has introduced a new and naturally made product into the market, mostly for women.

The new product, named ‘Crème 6 Oils’ body lotion, is the first multi-active formula which combines six natural oils with unique properties that makes it very simple for women to get back the natural skin they were born with, after an extensive researching on African skin by L’Oréal West Africa team of experts.

The introduction of ‘Crème 6 Oils’ body lotion, which was launched last Wednesday, August 6, at the company’s head office along the Spintex Road, in Accra became necessary after a study has revealed that, “African skin is more prone to certain conditions of which the most common is dullness, dryness, roughness, uneveness, tightness and an “ashy” look”.

Briefing the media at the launch, the Brands Manager of L’Oréal West Africa, Richard Kumassah said, “We believe that every African woman
deserves to have beautiful skin and we sought to develop a product that could recover and preserve the skin, and ultimately return it to its healthy and beautiful origin.

He explained that, “Dark and Lovely Crème 6 Oils body lotion makes it very simple for women to get back the flawless skin they were born with.”

The ceremony which was brief but well-organized by ‘The One Event’, was highly attended by customers, dignitaries and chiefs, as well as Ghana’s Movie Star and TV presenter, Ama K Abebrese, who is the Ambassador for Dark and Lovely.

On her part, the Dark and Lovely Ambassador said, “Black skin is extremely beautiful but the smallest imperfection can compromise our skin’s original beauty. Our skin can also get extremely dry and rough”.

She noted that, “I often add coconut oil and shea butter to my body lotion to ensure my skin stays hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past as I’m looking forward to trying Crème 6 Oils and seeing the results on my skin.”

The General Manager for L’Oreal West Africa, Mr. Jean-Dominique De Ravignan, in a short address said, Ms Abebrese” is the right Ambassador for Dark & Lovely, because her beliefs around beauty are completely aligned with our brand”.

He indicated that, “Dark & Lovely believes that every woman deserves to be beautiful and we do all that we can to help them achieve that goal”.

According to L’Oréal West Africa, many African women usually add extra oils to traditional body lotions to retain moisture and rejuvenate their skin.

Based on these insights, Dark & Lovely found it necessary to create a body lotion that makes it easier for consumers to address these issues in one step.

The Executive General Manager assured the public that “Our team of skin experts have taken their time to study the African Skin in order to create a unique product that addresses the needs of African skin”.

He said, as a company, “We believe that everyone aspires to beauty” adding “our mission is to help people around the world realize that aspiration and express their individual personalities to the fullest, and that is the single business we have focused on since our existence”.

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