Danny Anang Rides On Solid Track Record In NDC Chairmanship Race


The race for the National Chairmanship of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is poised to be a heavyweight affair. With party titans, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, Hudu Yahaya, Dan Abodakpi and Danny Anang having already declared their intentions to vie for the top executive position in the party, we are set to witness a contest that should see members of the Party vivified and battle-ready as these heavyweights try to woo voters with impressive records of experience and respect.

But the race is not only about track record, it is also about strategy and tactics, and in this regard, Mr. Danny Anang, is clearly in the lead.

‘Uncle Danny’, as he is affectionately known and called within the party, is already a buzz on social media with an impressive byname, “The Champion Chairman” selling him hot.

As entrepreneur, a marketer, strategist and thinker, Uncle Danny’s campaign highlights his availability and approachability, two essential qualities that are required for successful party administration. Compared to the rest, these essential qualities do not seem to be part of the package that the rest bring to the race. In terms of executive positions held within the party, Uncle Danny’s impressive list makes him the obvious choice for all progressives

Over all, Uncle Danny’s A-game for the Chairmanship race is captured in what seems to have become people’s favourite description of him ‘The Available Champion Chairman’ and he undoubtedly has been involved in party administration than any of his competitors.

Uncle Danny is a founding member of the NDC and became the first Deputy Organizer for the Greater Accra Region when the party was christened at Bukom, in Central Accra.

After fulfilling his mandate as regional Organizer, he contested and won the Constituency Chairmanship for Ledzokuku. Chairing the constituency from 1992 until 2005 during which period he earned for himself the nickname, ‘Ledzokuku Mugabe.’

He later became the District Coordinator for La, Teshie and Nungua for consecutively. From 1996 to 2005, Uncle Danny was the Greater Accra regional Treasurer of the party and went on to become the Greater Accra regional Chairman of the party from [**] to [**].

In 2009, Uncle Danny was elected as one of the National Vice Chairmen of the Party and he delivered in this office to the admiration of everyone including his colleague vice chairmen almost all of whom were always engaged in other activities other than party work. It is from his availability to party members from all over the country that uncle Danny earned the nickname, “The Available Champion Chairman,” because he was the only Vice Chairman who was always available for party duties.

Uncle Danny is credited with the house-to-house campaign that won President Mills and the NDC power from opposition in 2008. As Greater Accra regional Chairman, he ensured that the then government was always up and doing and led several demonstrations against bad and unfriendly policies of the then government.

During his leadership as Greater Accra Chairman, 18 out of the 26 Parliamentary seats in the Greater Accra Region were won by the NDC as it impressively wrestled power from the NPP.


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