Daniel Kumevor; A Ghanaian ‘James Bond’ On Emirates Airlines


It was a rare case of opportunity meeting preparation. Daniel who had always relished the opportunity to work with children, begun his remarkable journey with Emirates airline began after his first flight.

Every year, final year students of the University of Ghana, who are studying Languages, embark on a year exchange programme outside the country.

Daniel Kumevor, found himself in Russia, where he studied the language for one year. He came face to face with his destiny on the flight back to Ghana, where together with his mates; they met a Ghanaian Air Hostess.

Curiously, they asked her how they could join the airline; she gave them the address and told them to apply for the job online.

This is how the story of Daniel, who joined Emirates Airlines, as a graduate fresh from the University of Ghana and has risen through the ranks by dint of hardwork, diligence exemplary courage of and proof that with determination, as well as assiduous application of will power, today is a supervisor on the Airlines begun.

Daniel, who come from a humble background of a plumber father and a mother, who was a trader, has proven that it is possible for one to pull oneself up by the bootstrap to the commanding heights of every career.

He was among over 100 people, from various walks of life, background, qualification, etc who applied and went through the interview process.

Daniel, proved that, he had prepared himself for the job ahead, and so out of the number, he was among the few who were given the job.

It has been seven years, since faith shone on him, Daniel is among the over 100 Ghanaians, who bring smile to travelers on Emirates Airline.

An encounter with Daniel and you will get to know firsthand, why he is in the air and not on land.

His infectious smile, his sense of duty and the pleasure of making people enjoy their flights, was what has worked for him, in the seven years that, he is being with the Airline.

Emirates Airlines is in his blood, he speaks about the Airline with a passion that, you hardly hear from people describe their companies.

Neither flashy nor flamboyant, Daniel has qualities that are more useful: vast experience, a feel for how people who spend so much to fly are to be treated.

Daniel loves Emirates Airlines and it showed not only in his face, but anytime he mentions the name of the company.
With his deep sense of commitment and desire to work for the Airline for long, is why he is desirous of becoming a trainer for the Airline one day, although he insists, he will always miss flying.

Daniel revealed himself at an exclusive interaction with selected Ghanaian media and influencers, Daniel explained that working with Emirates has taken him to all six continents as he has traveled to countless destinations on Emirates extensive network. When asked about his favorite destination, Daniel indicated that, “New Zealand would be my favorite destination.

I love New Zealand because its quiet, fresh and reminds me of home”. Emirates flies to over 180 destinations across six continents via its Dubai hub.

Speaking about what he loves most onboard Emirates, Daniel was quick to mention that the Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ICE, was his favorite inflight feature. Emirates’ ICE features up to 3,500 channels of movies, TV Shows, entertainment and music. Additionally, 70+percent of Emirates’ fleet now has Live TV including all 777-200LR and all 777-300ER. Major sporting events are aired throughout the year on Sport24, some sponsored by Emirates.

It is therefore not surprising that ICE was adjudged the World’s Best Inflight Entertainment Award for the 13th consecutive time at the 2017 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

Daniel is not only flying alone, but he is doing that, with the flag of Ghana.

Daniel Kumevor of Emirates

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