Dangote Not Flouting Trade Regulations In Ghana


The Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Dangote Cement Ghana Ltd, Tor Nygard has revealed the company’s commitment to delivering world standard product to the Ghanaian market coupled with customer satisfaction is the main reason for the ground breaking success their product has chalked in the cement industry.

Addressing a press conference in Tema with tremendous verve to respond to negative comments in the media peddled against the company by supposed detractors in recent times, the (CEO) of Dangote Cement Ghana Limited,(DCGL), Tor Nygard said all the allegations leveled against the company were unfounded and have no shred of truth in them. He opined the company strictly adheres to the trade regulations both in Ghana and the sub-region and would not do anything to destroy the company’s image.

Mr. Nygard contnued that the company which is the largest producer of cement on the continent produces world class cement and the highest grade of 42.5R in Ghana. He refuted the assertion that their product is of less quality, hence the relatively affordable prices. “It is not true that Dangote Cement buys a bag of cement in Nigeria at GHC28.9 and sells at GHC27 in Ghana for which reason we have been accused of dumping”.

The CEO reiterated that the ex-factory price of a bag of Dangote cement for the past six months is 29.30 Cedis, quickly debunking the claim that the company enjoys 30 percent subsidy from Nigeria. He revealed that the company adds value to its imported product at the Tema plant with appropriate environmental control measures in place. “If we do not add value, what do the over 700 workers operating at our plant alone do”, he stated.

Reacting to calls to ban imports from Nigeria, Mr. Nygard said, all cement manufacturers in Ghana import raw material, clinker for their production but Nigeria produces its own clinker and as such those calls are misplaced irrational, and should be treated with all the contempt it deserves. He pledged the company’s resolve to produce the highest grade of cement in Ghana and operate within the laws of the country, make sure their operations help to stabilize the price of cement on the market for the average Ghanaian to be able to build their own houses and most importantly expand to employ more Ghanaians to support the government build a resilient economy for all.

Commenting on the issue of unfair trade practices and tax evasion, the Media Relations Officer of the company, Etornam Komla Buami said Dangote Cement pays 5 percent tax rate on its bulk import as the law requires however, this percentage was increased by 100 percent due to the unfounded accusations against the company particularly from an experienced player in the industry, GHACEM.

He mentioned that the company pays custom levies, VAT and all taxes due on its imports from Nigeria and refuted claim that they are taking advantage of the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme to engage in tax evasion.

Mr. Buami observed that DCGL is not interested in engaging in media warfare with its competitors but chose to do it this time because an information has it that GHACEM intends to use the media vigorously in the coming days to achieve its agenda of tarnishing the image of Dangote Cement and get them out of the fray.

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