Danger Signals From SSNIT

The signals The Herald is picking from the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) are as worrisome as they are unnerving. because it appears all the machines needed for the smooth operation of the institution are broken down.

Reports from the Trust charged with the responsibility of managing the funds of pensioners, indicate that computers, as well as photocopiers are not working.

The situation has become alarming to the extent that, the staff at SSNIT, are compelled to give forms to pensioners to go and make their own photocopies elsewhere., those who could not find any place, are asked to go and come back later, some have had to go there more than five times, just to get a form filled.

A clear indication that all is not well in the way and manner SSNIT is treating pensioners, who have dedicated their working life to the success story of the country.

Thus far, all the promises made by management and board to pensioners have all been a lie.

At one time around November last year, at a media encounter, the Director General of the Trust, Dr Ofori-Tenkorang, said SSNIT had identified and deleted the names of 6,452 pensioners from its payroll, saving the Trust of over 20 million cedis as at September, 2018.

This newspaper is of the opinion that, what the authourities said at the media encounter, can only be said to be on the path of vainglory.

Curiously in our view, authorities who have developed the penchant of rushing to the media, to tell us the success story of SSNIT, are dead silent, on the very sad nature of events, killing the state institution, which has been the source of relief for pensioners.

SSNIT, was established with workers in mind, and how they can be supported when they go on retirement, subjecting them to a new barrage of torture of having to be frequenting the Trust, is not a good signal that,, motivates the younger generation and the working class.

We hope that, this editorial will serve as a wake-up call to those trusted with the responsibility of ensuring the Trust works at its full maximum.


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