Dance to promote good health, cure timidity in children


Decades ago, a child only had pilot, doctor, lawyer, engineer, banker and in some cases teaching, as options of careers he or she could choose from. Dancing, acting, singing, painting were a ‘concert’.

Today, though the perception and appreciation of the arts aren’t where they are supposed to be, there seems to be much progress, as most parents push their kids to engage their creative senses as much as they can.

One of such platforms allowing kids to stretch their creativities is Vivie’s Dance Factory.  For most parents who enroll their kids, the process of dancing would help their wards in the most therapeutic ways possible.

According to Mrs Vivian Boateng, the CEO of Vivie’s Dance Factory, some parents want their overly active kids to channel their energies into something positive and dancing is the option for them.

She also says dancing has an amazing way of making shy kids more confident. She recalls the case of 9-year-old Angela who “rarely speaks, even when spoken to. She may be considered timid, but when she starts dancing, she becomes someone else.”

With about six years of professional training, Vivian testifies that dancing helps with correct posture, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

It is amazing to know that the activity goes beyond entertainment. It instills the discipline of team work. Dancing also teaches the virtue of resilience, focus and discipline.

For most people who may find regular rigorous exercising too intense, dance may be a good way to keep fit and still have fun.

The arts in Ghana is definitely not where it ought to be , but it has come a long way, and dance is right in the center of it.


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