Damba Is Alien And Illegal To The Mamprusis Of Bawku –Kussaug Kingdom


The Kussaug Traditional Council, have described as childish, confusing and suffocation of the truth, regarding series of attempts by the Mamprusis of Bawku to smuggle an alien traditional festival into the Kussaug Kingdom.

It will be recalled that the Mamprusi community in Bawku, have been making efforts to introduce Damba as an annual festival.

These attempts, have always thrown the Bawku township and its environs in to state of serious tension and security threats and sometimes giving life to the protracted chieftaincy dispute.

A week ago, a youth group named Mamprusi youth in Bawku at a press conference in response to President John Dramani Mahama’s call on the Mamprusi community to rejoin the Bawku inter- ethnic peace committee, took a new twist when they accused the government and the Kussasis of preventing them from celebrating Damba as an annual festival.

But the Kussaug Traditional Council in a press release, described the Mamprusis stance as confusion and an attempt to paint a distorted picture, regarding the performance of traditional festivals in Bawku and the Kussaug Kingdom.

The release titled, “The Issue of performance of traditional festivals in Bawku and the controversial Damba festival in particular” and signed by four divisional chiefs namely, Binaba- Naba, Naba Abaare Appiah, Pussiga- Naba, Naba Ibrahim Aguure, Binnduri- Naba, Naba Robert Akolbilla Agetwin and Tempane Naba, Naba Francis Akolwin, spelled out clearly the traditional festivals celebrated and known to the Kussaug Kingdom.

There are; the Samanpiid festival of the chiefs and people of Kussaug, the Danjuor festival of the Bimoba community, and the Zekula festival of the Bissa community.
The release noted that the Damba festival, is a royal one and is celebrated by royals of which the Mamprusis in Bawku are not.

It added that Damba is alien to Mamprusis, but synonymous to Dagombas, Nanumbas, Wallas and Gonjas.

The press release continued that the proposed Damba festival is never known or authorized by the overlord of Bawku, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II.

It further noted that if the Damba is allowed to be observed, it would send a wrong signal that there are two paramouncies in Bawku- which never is.

The proposed Damba festival, according to the Kussaug traditional council, is a hoax to sow a seed of confusion and discord over the Bawku chieftaincy issue and will never be allow to stand.

It will be recall that, the proposed Damba was disallowed on legal and security grounds few years back.
The Mamprusis, then became disgruntled and withdrew from the Bawku inter-peace committee which was formed to ensure lasting peace in the Bawku traditional area.

The Kussaug Traditional Council, haven’t wondered who benefits or losses as a result of the boycott of the Bawku peace committee, called on those who are disgruntled to use the right procedure in addressing genuine grievances, rather than reliance on blame game, lose talk or violence.

They called on all to be peace loving and law abiding, hence no one is above the law. They called on the public not to be misled by lose talkers.

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