Daily Graphic Reportage Inaccurate And Inexcusable


The Peoples’ National Convention (PNC) condemns outrightly the incorrect political history chronicled by the Daily Graphic edition of Thursday 5 March 8, 2015 on Ghana. Not only are some sections inaccurate but inexcusable to say the least.

The paper in its publication conspicuously failed to include the 3rd Republican Presidency of Dr. Hilla Limann, the first Ghanaian of northern ancestry to climb the highest office of the land under the PNP ticket.

This situation not only distorts the political history of Ghana, but also paves way for skewing the facts in a manner that deprives future generation the opportunity to learn and be inspired by the selfless contribution of statesmen such as Dr. Limann to the development of Ghana.

At a time when the entire nation is elevating the public discourse on promoting unity in diversity and shying away from discriminatory and centrism of all forms from our national life, the least one expects is for the premier newspaper of the nation to commit such grave blunder.

The PNC demands a full rejoinder / re-publication of the said story which by all editorial and historical standards reflects the rich history of Ghana including the Dr. Hilla Limann-Presidency. Further to this, an appropriate apology to the good people of Ghana, the family of Dr. Limann and the PNC alike is an acceptable thing to do by the Daily Graphic.

If military and unconstitutional governments in Ghana are well documented, how much more the constitutional rule of the Dr. Hilla Limann regime with its unique historical and inspirational perspectives for nation’s history?”

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