Daily Graphic Boss Lifts Ban On Daniel Kenu


…As Asamoah Gyan’s Fate Hangs

Information gathered by The Herald from the state-owned Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL), indicates that the Editor-In-Chief of ‘Daily Graphic’, Kenneth Edem Ashigbey, has finally lifted the ‘one-man’ indefinite ban he has placed on one of his reporters, Daniel Kenu. The ban was lifted after The Herald’s recent exposé.

The reporter’s name, was banned from appearing in all the newspapers printed by the Graphic Communications Group, following Mr. Kenu’s strange decision to drop an assault case brought against Baffuor Gyan, the senior brother of the national team captain, Asamoah Gyan.

But The Herald, has been informed and indeed, observed that following its revelation of the ban, a humiliated Ken Ashigbey, quietly lifted the ban and started using the reporter’s name to appear in the newspapers.

For instances, in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Graphic, The Herald noticed that the name of the Kumasi-based reporter, appeared in the paper as the writer of a ‘Graphic-STAR-Ghana Roundtable’ story.

Coincidentally, the event which was jointly organized by the two companies in Kumasi, was attended by Ken Ashigbey himself, Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafo, Director Newspapers at GCGL and others to educate media owners, practitioners and key players in the industry on “Media Ethics and Transparency in Frequency Allocation”.

It is, however, unclear when power-soaked Managing Director of the Graphic, would allow the name, images and stories of Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan alias, “Baby Jet”, to start appearing in both the Daily Graphic and Graphic Sports.

Meanwhile, The Herald, has intercepted a certain letter from the Graphic Communications Ltd and is keenly following another development, involving management and a staff which will soon be made public.

The Herald recently published that, The Editor-In-Chief of ‘Daily Graphic’, has taken the recent attack on one of his reporters, Daniel Kenu, to the extreme by banning the name and photographs of Ghana Black Stars captain from appearing in all newspapers published by the state-owned company, indefinitely.

The ‘Herald’ gathered and indeed, observed that for some time now, the name and images of Asamoah Gyan, have not appeared in both the Daily Graphic and Graphic Sports as the powerful Ken Ashigbey, has pitifully banned them over the brutality suffered by Graphic’s reporter from Baffuor Gyan.

Even, when Asamoah Gyan, scores a goal for the Black Stars, his name does not appear in the newspapers as a result of the strict orders of Mr. Ashigbey.

The decision, left some staff wondering about the source of Mr. Ashigbey’s arrogant powers, while many others, also tell ‘The Herald’ that the decision to ban the Ghanaian captain from the newspapers, is a confirmation that management of the state-own company, has significantly deteriorated, since Mr. Ashigbey’s appointment.

For instance, when the senior national team played and defeated their Guinean counterpart; Syli Nationale, the Ghanaian captain’s name and image did not appear in the Thursday 16,2014, edition of the Daily Graphic, despite brilliant performance and a goal in Tamale, the previous day.

Apart from the Daily Graphic, the Graphic Communications Group Limited, owns the Graphic Sports, Mirror, Graphic Business, as well as Junior Graphic, and none of the above newspapers mentioned his name or used his image.

Additionally, ‘The Herald’ is informed that the Managing Director, has blacklisted Daniel Kenu by ensuring that his name is not associated with the Graphic Communications Group Limited. Insiders told this paper that currently, the Kumasi-based reporter, writes stories for the Daily Graphic, but he is not acknowledged as the author of those stories.

Mr. Ashigbey, was said to have practically interdicted Mr. Kenu and consequently set up an internal committee to investigate the Ashanti Regional reporter to unravel the circumstances behind his withdrawal of the assault case brought against Baffour Gyan and his goons.

Inside the offices of the Daily Graphic, are unsubstantiated claims that Mr. Kenu, collected a whopping US$75,000 from the Gyan family, hence his unceremonial withdrawal of the case, without first notifying Ken Ashigbey, who have taken the newspaper’s fight against Baffour Gyan and his goons, rather personal.

Sources within Graphic Communications Group Ltd, hinted The Herald that the Mr. Ashigbey-led management, felt letdown by the reporter, having rallied a nationwide support for him at the time of the incident.

The Herald is informed that Daniel Kenu, submitted a report from a clinical psychologist detailing the hypertensive-related stress he was going through when the attack occurred and why he had to stop pursuing the case to save his life and that of his aged and ailing mother.

But the decision to ban names and images of Asamoah Gyan and his brother, The Herald gathered was a one-man decision taken by the Mr. Ashigbey, after his nationwide call on Ghanaian journalists to boycott a planned press conference organized by the Gyan brothers through their lawyer, a couple of weeks ago, which was ignored.

The Graphic boss on his Facebook page on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, had written: “I will urge all journalists to boycott this press conference. People who assault journalists want us to cover them.”

According to him it will be a “sin against all who have died in the cause of duty and all who are still being assaulted. I urge all Ghanaian Journalist & Media persons & house once in our live to stand for what is right.”

Interestingly, the victim, Daniel Kenu, surprised his boss and many, when he dropped the assault charges against Baffour, citing health and personal reasons, including the sudden death of his uncle, who had earlier, prevailed upon him not to drag the Kenu family name in the mud by going ahead with the assault case against the ex-footballer and his thugs in Kumasi.

Mr. Kenu, was attacked after a press conference in Kumasi, for demanding whether Asamoah Gyan, had used ace-Ghanaian musician, “Castro”, for rituals to boost his football career.

The artist and his girlfriend, Janet, mysteriously went missing at Ada, while jet skiing on Volta River in July, this year.

Meanwhile, the committee set up by the management of Graphic to investigate Mr. Kenu is to among other things establish if the reporter, has breached the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on whether unilateral withdrawal of the assault case without recourse to management was justified.

It was said that management had written to him to consult it before taking any action on the matter, while a lawyer was appointed to assist him on any move he intended to take regarding the case.

Also, the committee would also establish the issue of misconduct, indiscipline, disloyalty, as well as an alleged embarrassment caused the Managing Director, Mr. Ashigbey and the company as a whole.

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