Dagbon; Peace At Last

At last, the much prayed about and anticipated peace that has eluded the people of Dagbon, has been achieved and the kingdom, has been returned to its former glory.

In a colourful and rich cultural ceremony, that heralded the burial of the late King, Ya-Naa Yakubu Andani II, was crowned with the installation of a new King.

With a huge potential to be the bread basket of this country, it is not a good narrative that, anytime Dagbon is mentioned, what follows is chaos.

This newspaper joins millions of Ghanaians and well-wishers across the world, in congratulating the feuding parties for given peace a chance.

It is a cheering news and one that must be protected and safeguarded to ensure that, we are not back to where we were some 15 or more years ago.

Children of Dagbon, who have not known how it feels like to live in peace and harmony, expect that, all those who sat around the table and took part in all the deliberations, with the eminent Chiefs, led by Asantehene Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, from the inception till today, will respect and abide by the roadmap.

We cannot also lose sight of the efforts both past and the current president have put in to ensure that, we are where we are today.

As a country, we have committed both material and human resources, we can only wish the people of Dagbon well and pray for peace, but we cannot impose it on them.

The decision to live in peace, harmony and brotherliness, entirely depend on them, the nation, has done its best and has left the rest to them.

Now that peace has returned to Dagbon, it is important to remind them that having rested war and instability for more than a decade, they must get on with the real business of making sure we don’t go back to the dark days.

We congratulate the Savelugu Naa, Abubakari Mahama, for his elevation and enskinment as the new Ya-Naa.

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