Daasebre Oti Boateng Fingered


In Akwamu Chieftaincy Dispute
A faction in the Akwamu chieftaincy dispute has accused the ex-president of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, Nana Oti Boateng, over his bias stance in its struggle to take over the custodianship of the Akwamu Black Stool.
The Yaa Ansaa Royal Family, is not happy about the role played by the Omanhene of New Juaben that a peace process through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) had yielded result, and he (Daasebre) has recognized and confirmed in the media, Kwabena Owiredu, as the new Akwamuhene.
They contend that the outcome of the ADR sitting by some eminent chiefs, who ruled in favour of the Yaa Botwe family is not a fair representation of the two families, because as their leader, the clan head (Abusuapanyin) resigned from the ADR sessions and announced that on June 20, 2013.
They have served notice their decision to petition the High Court for a judicial review of Daasebre Oti Boateng’s arbitration, because the verdict is “full of misrepresentation, lies and dishonesty.”
At a news conference held by the family last Monday in Accra, since the demise of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto II, there has not been a chief for the people of Akwamu and so the claim by Daasebre that amicable solution had been found and a chief installed could not be correct.
Nana Kwafo Akoto, according to the family, came from the Yaa Botwe Royal Family, the statement read by the family’s spokesperson, Ohene Oppong Akoto, could not be the rightful heir to the Black Stool, since they are not Akwamus, but Aboabo.
“We wish to state that the Yaa Ansaa Royal Family are the true custodians and overlords of the Akwamu Black Stool and are the indigenous (Akwamus),” he stated, adding that, “for over twenty one years the Botwe family has been battling for a prize that does not belong to them.”
According to the Yaa Ansaa family, “since the demise of Kwame Offei (Odeneho Kwafo Akoto), the Yaa Ansaa Royal has been at the fore front of a struggle to regain custody of their Black Stool”.
However, this attempt to get the stool is yet to materialize because “some known and unknown dignitaries are hiding behind the Botwe Family, supporting the queen mother, the niece of Kwame Offei with political power, money and authority to fight the Ansaa family and completely take over the Black Stool from us”.
According to the statement, as at 1500 BC, the Ansaa Royal Family, the custodianship and selection of the heir to the throne was the preserve of that particular family, however, due to the family’s engagement in wars, it lost the men to ascend to the throne.
So in 1937, the Ansaa family had no choice but to solicit the service of one Kwame Offei with the stool name Kwafo Akoto II to occupy the space as a “regent”.
Afraid he may one day be asked to step down for the rightful owner, the late Akwamumuhene is said to have cunningly, “secretly kept in the national archives, a document in which he wrote that ascendancy to the throne is by rotation between the Yaa Ansaa Royals and Yaa Botwe House.
It is on record that “before and after the death of Kwame Offei, the people of Akwamu and for that matter the Yaa Ansaa Royal family, the original custodians of the Black Stool have been denied for seventy-seven (77) years the right to ascend to the throne of the Akwamu Traditional Area. More to come!

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