D Cryme, Pope Skinny Blast VGMA Board


Ghanaian hiplife artistes, Pope Skinny and D Cryme, have taken shots at both CharterHouse Ghana and Vodafone Ghana over their handling and organization of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Pope Skinny in a statement said “It’s funny when I see a group of people together thinking they are the ones controlling the music industry in Ghana. It’s a shame, we should all bow down our heads in shame, yes we should because a Nigerian is the one organizing our Ghana music awards.

No disrespect but this sh**t can’t happen anywhere. This is not Ghana music awards. This is some private organization shit. Ghanaians should open their eyes mehnnn. Am saying this because am a Ghanaian and it’s about time Ghanaian youth open their eyes. Jokers. I shock for Vodafone sef.”

D Cryme also came out to give his opinion on the matter. He stated “Apology before awards, is

Just like kiss a** for a job or a position. Even those we copy blindly don’t do such suggestions, which kind yawa personal feelings things be this, funny industry n event organisations… Painful thing be say,

(1) how many self they compose music for the so called panels

(2) who be them self, what role dem dey play

(3) Ebe Ghana music, or Accra, Tema awards

(4) Now ebe only hit songs not talent, craft, long lasting n uniqueness

(5)they Dont even know how to build fan base if not for the same artiste who grace their events before people(fans) show up…yet they make u feel when u not on their show u not a selling artiste, well if u know ur worth u won’t settle for less…they know I won’t come n smiles on their well budgeted show n walk away with coins….

NYAME MPA Gu (God forbid) its called showbiz “show & business”..God always bless Our True Fans, & Help Ghana Music Industry….”

Source: Yfmghana.com

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