D C E Ambush Poverty, Thump Prez.


It would have been killed right away or injured beyond the ability of the most talented physician in the country to treat or bring it back to life, had POVERTY been a human being or at least a visible life embedded element standing within the reach of the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the newly created TEMPANE districts weapons ability.

A poverty breading remote part a country that is gasping for help from foreign donors, as well as bill outs, Mr Paul Azumah Abugri, came in not as a foreign donor nor a bailer that the country over the decades have been torch-light searching for, but a well trained, intellectually  armed poverty fighter aimed at disarming it [poverty].

Upon assumption of office, following the creation of the Tempane district of the upper East Region, the district chief executive who harbor hatred for Poverty, hunger and diseases for long albeit a far, finally had a free field with remote controlled referee to face off the above cankers. The man, who said poverty must be HOLISTICALLY tackled with both immediate and long term measures, disclosed that he deployed several tactics in his quest to gun down poverty.


Strategically, the beaming smiling Mr Abugri disclosed that upon assumption of office, the revenue accrued from the internally generated fund was nothing to write home about at a time that his district is new and needed to catch up with the old long existing ones in the area of development and livelihood improvement. To change the trend, he quickly organized a stake holder meeting with the revenue collectors, opinion leaders as well as chiefs to extensively deliberate and unanimously joy-joy a suitable way out as far as boosting the internally generated fund is concern “look my brother , in the past , what we use to get from the three- day interval numerous markets in the district has heavily improved. As a royal my self, I know how influential traditional rulers are, when it comes to revenue collection and development in general. so I engaged them fully. Currently as we speak, our I. G .F has marvelously improved. I personally supervised market tolls collection my self in DENTIIGA and TUBONG markets. So our ‘responsive factor’ is good. When we approach central government with a project proposal and we are able to show what we have been able to mobilize, it puts us at advantage position to be considered“. He noted with a usual smile. According to Mr Abugri, revenue collectors have been trained enough with necessary logistics provided, by this, their daily engagement comes with very little challenges


Paul Abugri like any government appointee is asking the people of Tempane and Ghanaians in general to take maximum advantage of all pro- poor interventions implemented by the government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). “You see, like I told you earlier, poverty is not fought on one site, you have to holistically fight it. All the pro- poor programmes, are all ways to eradicating poverty, which is our main enemy here.

Every Ghanaian should be happy that we have them at heart and brought a whole lot of interventions as a sigh of relieve. More programs will soon be rolled out.” Like any government official would like to even bargain with the angel of death to mention these interventions  before his or last  breath- FREE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, PLANTING FOR FOOD AND JOBS, ONE VILLAGE, ONE DAM. ONE CONSTITUENCY ONE MILLION DOLLAR AS WELL ONE DISTRICT ONE WARE HOUSE, the smiling Tempane government representative equally would not let it dodge his lips as he beam with smiles and happily tongue- flow them [interventions] one after the other.


Mr Abugri told THE HERALD that government will from next year roll out what it termed, REARING FOR FOOD AND JOBS. Per this module, interested live stock farmers will be identified and supported financially and logistically. “When the programs kick start, we in Tempane here will identify not just interested farmers, but hard working and dedicated men, and support them through”. A part from what will come from central government in term of support under this program, the TEMPANE district, he noted will dedicate portion of it fund to boost and sustain it. According to him, should this program is taking seriously by farmers; it will go a long way to reduce poverty, diseases and hunger.


Poor and disappointed pupil and teachers in the Tempane district, just like any part of the country [including our so-called cities] will soon be free from the humiliating and frustrating decades-long desk-less as well as block- less syndrome that has engulfed the country’s educational system ,as the TEMPANE ‘messiah’  happily told our Upper East correspondent that the assemble has secured over 13000 [thirteen thousand ]desk.

As witness elsewhere , the Tempane district have it share of nauseating, disturbing and heart breaking scenarios of poor and future leaders[pupils] having to either lie bare on the floor or packed together on poorly constructed desk that could not be qualified for the kitchen in developed countries. More worrying is the scene, as seen by THE HERALD as some pupil have to sit and learn under greenly tress. [A nation wide canker though], But Mr Abugri is in, with the antidote to make this a history in his district. “As I speak, we have procured ten thousand desks from GET FUND, the Assembly is procuring three thousand and the Member of Parliament (MP) is coming in with two thousand. He, the M P recently distributed some desks, but the issue is so chronic that we need more. So very soon, the issue of desks deficiency in our schools will be over.

Mr Abugri bemoan the Ghanaian culture of poor maintainers attitude, especially within government schools “ when we came in, we realized that the previous government was putting up structures but no furniture. So it is an issue that we need a little time to eradicate. The poor culture of maintainers in our government school is also a factor that should not be entertained, when the desk is even provided and there is no proper maintainers, we will still lack in the near future”. We are committed in this fight. It will soon be history, he added.


A teacher by profession, Mr Abugri who’s facial and body displeasure was so visual to even the number one most poorly visually impaired fellow as he try to recollect the poor performing trend in the Basic Education Certificate Examination[ B E C E] over the years. A measure, he hinted will soon be implemented to improve the sad free- failure mantra in the district.

According to Mr Abugri, his administration will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the annual stinking results become a thing of the past. “My brother, we are in the process of inviting experienced and season examiners to organize forums and training section to teachers in the district, to equip them [teachers] so well. As examiners they are in a position to know the in and out of the examination. So when they come in to train our hard working teachers, it will be a plus, and this will help improve the results tremendously”.  A side this, Mr Abugri added that a periodic awards scheme will be introduced to award both deserving teachers and pupils across the district. “When this is implemented, it will motivate both teachers and pupils to put up their best. No matter how small the price will be, it will indeed help us in our quest to improve the results” the seasoned teacher noted.


One of the measures of curtailing communicable diseases is to do away with the poor attitude of open defecation. As a result of this, Mr Abugri told THE HERALD’s Haruna Sumaila Abugri exclusively that he doesn’t attend any gathering or durbar, except he educate it attendance on the negative effects of open defecation.

He added that a sanitation committee has also been inaugurated to super see to it that open defecation is curtailed. “It has to do with education and sensitization. So any gathering that prevail it self, I make sure I do justice to open defecation. The people need to understand the negative effects that the practice comes with.”

Mr Abugri, stated that a construction of a ware house is underway in Bugri, a farming community, noted for it onion cultivation, in the Tempane district. He mentioned that a number of major roads in the district has been awarded on contract, with some of them progressing steadily. He added that the district stand to benefit ten dams under the one village , one dam policy of the government with World Vision, a non governmental organization currently constructing an irrigation dam in TUBONG another farming community in the district.

Mr Abugri who was full of smiles and praise to His Excellency the president of the republic for reposing confidence in him by appointing him as a DCE, disclosed that he is a development orientated fellow, and thus will display this fully to the betterment of Tempane and Ghana at large.

The Tempane District was recently curved out of the Garu-Tempane district, amidst controversies over the citing of it capital.



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