Curvaceous Actress Princess Shyngle Battling With Kidney Disease


Actress Princess Shyngle who is known for ‘scaring’ men with her natural endowment is currently at the hospital battling with kidney disease.

In her recent post on Instagram, the actress shared a picture of herself on the hospital bed undergoing treatment adding that her fans should intercede on her behalf when praying.

She captioned the photo; Hospital bound…. Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll. . . . God bless

One thing about the actress that cannot go unnoticed is her hourglass physique, which a lot perceive as fake.

The Why Should I get Married actress in other reports attributed her figure to rigorous exercising and healthy dieting.

“My figure is real; it is not fake, no surgery, nothing.

“I gym a lot and I use waist trainers or I practice waist training as well,” she said in an interview with KOD on Live FM.

Shyngle was born in The Gambia. Her paternal grandparents are from Ghana and Sierra Leone respectively while her maternal grandparents are from Nigeria and Mali.

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