Current Fuel Hikes, A Double Slap To The Face Of The Ordinary Ghanaian


SONETCO Institute, a socialist ideological think tank which deploys its duties through Education, Information and Development is very much taken aback by the recent news of fuel hikes.

We strongly believe that the ordinary Ghanaian who forms the core of our socialist ideals has been slapped too hard on the face by this regrettable action by the NPA.

It is a known fact that the current “cross” called “dumsor” being carried by the nation has resulted in monumental price hikes of goods and services and undoubtedly resulting also in hundreds of job loses.

The trickling-down effects of these challenges in socio-economic terms can not be over-emphasized, and that is why the out-of-the-blue increment in prices of petroleum products is most unfortunate and ill-timed.

What is more worrying is the explanation being given by the NPA and sector ministry to justify their action, by a certain comparison with developments in other jurisdictions.

We must be mindful of the fact that economies of Germany and the other nations under such comparison are more rebost such that these charges are manageable.
Hence it is unfair to cite them as peers in our energy analysis.

We wish to remind Mr. President of his pledge to the dictates and ideals of socialism which he personally ascribe to as a comrade, and therefore should act swiftly to help ameliorate the backslash this increment shall birth.

Even before transport owners and unions meet to discuss possible fare adjustments, the spontaneous effect on prices of goods and services in the short, medium and long term can not be underestimated.

While at it, we honestly wish the NPP as a party through their flagbearer did not try to chide government for being incentive as they still hold the “enviable title” for the first and second records of highly outrageous hikes of fuel prices in our recent history.

But the question is “na who cause am?”

Governments are elected to make living more bearable so even though Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, obviously a guilty party, may not have the morale right to chastise government now, the NDC party in government is the one with the mandate of the people thus can not be pardoned.

We beseech His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the president of the republic of Ghana, in all mercies and in the spirit of comradeship to get this increment “absolved” by government as he works round the clock to fix our energy situation.

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