Curbing Gas Explosion And The Negligence Of NPA

The death of two persons and the hospitalization of ten others, when a Gas Filling station exploded in Kumasi last Tuesday, has once again called attention to the level of abnormality going on in Ghana.

The National Petroleum Authourity (NPA) shortly after the Atomic Junction Gas explosion, announced measures to curb future occurrences, as the incidence is becoming one too many.

The focus of this editorial is not just a reaction to the madness that is leading to unavoidable death, but the lack of leadership at the NPA.

This newspaper was of the opinion that, the NPA, after the Atomic incident was going to beam the searchlight on the number of Gas Filling stations wrongly sited in the country and how the others which do not pose any danger to residents are observing safety measures to ensure that lives and property are protected.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NPA, Alhassan Tampuli, who has his work cut for him, has rather turned a blind eye, while people are given permission to open filing stations close to residential areas.

With MrTampuli at the helm of affairs at the NPA, we need to stress, is another manifestation of the annoying incompetence within the energy sector.

At every moment the NPA, is taken by surprise, the institution is always caught on the wrong foot. Why is it that, the NPA, has to always engage in fire brigade approach to combating disaster, one of the many examples, is what just happened in Kumasi.

As usual MrTampuli is in Kumasi, when the disaster had already occurred to give speeches of condolence and assurance that would not see the light of day, until another explosion occurs.

Beyond the declaration, the NPA, must reassure the people that they still feature in their calculations.

Proactive measures that can nip these explosions in the bud, are fast becoming a strange attitude at the NPA.

They prefer to wait, in a manner of speaking, for explosions to occur and they start to run around and giving meaningless speeches that they don’t believe in themselves.

How many people need to die, before the NPA gets its act together.

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