Crime Have Reduced In Brong Ahafo Region- DCOP Atingane


By Ansu Kofi Richard, B/A

The Brong Ahafo Regional Police Command, has blotched this year’s West Africa Security Services Association (WASSA) event in Sunyani.
It is an annual event organized by the Ghana police service and other security agencies, aimed at bringing together officers and men, whom per their duty schedules, do not often meet to interact, deliberate and socialize.

It also provides the service an opportunity to socialize with their stakeholders and the public to mark the end of the security calendar. One major reason is for the security to reflect on their achievements over the previous year, especially in crime combating and also identify their setback and flaws and to work towards improving upon them.

In an address by the Brong Ahafo Regional Police commander, DCOP Maxwell Atingane, he disclosed that crimes such as murder, highway Robbery, defilement, Rape, Possession, Smuggling and Cultivation of Narcotic Drugs, have seen a drastic reduction.

Adding that, Techiman-Kintanpo highway and Atebubu-Kwame Danso Kejeji roads, have been the worst affected areas in relation to robbery. But measures such as the 24hr patrols and escorting of market women to their destinations, have reduced the number to the barest minimum.

The commander mentioned for instance, the region witnessed a reduction in armed robbery by 43 percent in 2015, as compared to 2014. He explained that the general situation between 2014 and 2015 cumulatively, also saw a slight increase in murder and possession of narcotic drugs, but drastic fall in fraud, stealing, rape and defilement.

Mr. Atingane, outlined that the total number of cases reported in 2015, were 7,341 compared to 2014, figure of 8,065, showing a decrease of 724, but the trend is likely to show further reduction in 2016, considering additional measures put in place.

He said, the police has also provides Visibility Patrols, Operations and surveillance in certain flash points such as Porto, Tuobodom, Atebubu Traffic management/control and Public Education on traffic related offenses.

The commander, lamented that all the District and Municipal Commanders, have also formed mobile patrol teams that patrol the major roads linking their Districts to search for illegal transportation of arms and ammunition’s and to ensure travelers who set off from their homes arrive at their destinations unhurt.

These efforts were augmented by the mounting of snap checks on all major roads linking to the capital both day and night. Personnel were also put on guard duties in all the banks and vital Installations including Bui Power Station and VVIP protections within the region.
DCOP Atingane, disclosed that the Regional, Divisional and the Districts Commands have created informants hotlines to manage information’s receive from informants which led to the arrest of many criminals during swoops and other operations since crime fighting is a shared responsibility.

All these measures according to the Police command has add up to the general reduction in crime rates within the region. Outlining the numerous challenges confronting the Police administration in the region, the commander said the paramount amongst them are inadequate residential and office accommodation.

He reiterated that these challenges pose a major challenge to the operational performance of the administration. For instance, most of the newly trained personnel who were posted to the region lives in the rented accommodations which were mostly far away from their area of operation and sometimes makes it difficult for mobilizing the men in times of emergency.

Additionally, most of the police buildings in the region are in a deplorable state and urgent renovation needs to be carried out.
Since the police cannot do it alone, the commander humbly appealed to the various landlords and landladies to perform their responsibilities as stated in the tenancy agreement to periodically renovate the buildings.
He called on the co-operate organizations and Non-Governmental organizations, philanthropists and individuals to assists the police with logistics to enable the police discharge their duties effectively.

Meanwhile, in the area of Professionalism, commander Atingane, assured the general public the readiness of police to stay in partnership with its colleagues from other security services to provide security to the people of the region and the nation at large.

In view of this, the regional Police Commander entreated all the cherished police officers to continue to work with the highest level of professionalism in ensuring absolute peace and tranquility for the people whose lives and properties the administration swore to protect.
As it has always been the case, the police will continue to be civil and friendly to the citizenry to further strengthen the existing trust and cordial relationship between the police and citizens.

He reminded officers and police men that the police administration will not conceal any officer who misconducts or goes against the constitution of the land and the rules and regulations as specified in the constitutional instrument (C.I) 76.

The Police Boss referring the officers about the motto of Ghana Police Service, ‘’Service with Integrity’’ noted that in an attempt to purging the service with miscreants who found themselves into the service, officers who involved in criminal activities have been tried by internally laid down mechanism and those who were found guilty have been either demoted, reprimand and dismissed to serve as deterrent to others and those who exhibit valor in discharging their duties were also honored.

On the upcoming general elections of which political pundits have described it as keenly contested, he seized the opportunity to plead with all political parties to refrain from making a sensational and unsubstantiated allegations against personnel.

They are committed to dealing fairy with all political parties in the region. He urged all the officers to prepare physically and mentally for the task ahead and remain neutral and firm in discharging their duties with high sense of professionalism.

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