Creation of new regions will be guided by constitution – Minister


A nine-member Commission of Enquiry collating views on the creation of new regions, has taken its consultative exercise to the Ho Municipality, where the views of chiefs in the Volta Region are been sought.

At the meeting held on Monday, January 15, the President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe  Afede XIV, indicated that the decision to create or not to create new regions, should be informed by the need for progress and development of citizens in the region and the country at large.

He also called for open-mindedness in deliberations, on the need or otherwise for the creation of the regions.

The creation of the regions, according to the government, follows persistent appeals from residents in some parts of the country.

For instance, residents in the northern part of the Volta Region, have asked the government to have a new region carved from the existing one, since they have been neglected for a long time.

However, not everybody is happy with the call.

The move to create the new regions, have been met with a lot of criticism by groups and individuals who claim it was being done for political expediency.

Meanwhile, some stakeholders in the northern part of the Volta Region, say the need for the region to be split for an Oti Region cannot be over-emphasised.

Proposed Oti Region is backed by districts in the north of the region.

The Minister for Regional Re-organisation and Development, Daniel Kweku Botwe, has given assurance that the processes that would be taken in the creation of the new regions, would be guided strictly by the Constitution.

Meanwhile, another public consultative forum took place tomorrow  at the Ho Technical University.

Source: ivy Setordjie



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