CPA Trains Students On Accountability


The Centre for Public Accountability (CPA) of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), has organised a one-day training workshop on Accountability at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC).

The workshop was organised for a Master of Arts in Conflict, Peace and Security class made up of 37 students from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Benin Brazil, Sierra Leone and Niger. The training touched on the importance of public finance, environmental and social accountability, as well as the essence of the Financial Administration Act and Regulations of Ghana.

According to Dr. Albert Kan-Dapaah, Consulting Director of the CPA, who gave the presentation on the Concept of Accountability, poor management of financial resources is the bane of Ghana’s economy. He said, “It runs through all political parties and if politicians are held accountable for their stewardship, they would live up to expectation.”

Kan-Daapah, also explained that the trend of politicisation of the country’s challenges was not helping to get to the roots of its economic challenges. “The only way we can move forward as a country is to take politics out of problems and embrace accountability,” he said.

“Accountability ought to be the catch word of the citizenry so that governments do not have their peace until they do the right thing. We need a generation of young people, regardless of their political divide to take up the task and become champions of accountability,” he stressed.

The training was indeed an eye-opener for the students, some whom work in organisations such as the UN, AU, diplomatic missions, security and law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organisations and the media.

“Now that we are familiar with the Financial Administration Act and Regulations of Ghana and can join the cause of holding our leaders accountable so as to curtail corruption in the public sector in Ghana,” said Justin Adonadaga, one of the students. The training is part of the CPA’s vision of ‘spreading the word’ of Accountability to all and sundry, to raise awareness that corruption can be nipped in the bud by demanding accountability of leadership.

Col. Emmanuel Wekem Kotia, Chief Instructor and Academic Programmes Coordinator, noting the importance of accountability said that from next academic year, the concept of Accountability would be incorporated in the curriculum of the Masters’ programme in Conflict, Peace and Security.

Since the beginning of the year, the CPA has organised similar training workshops for the Ghana Police Command and Staff College and the Ghana Shipping authority as part of its outreach corporate social responsibility programme.

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